Science Trivia Questions and Answers

From finding a cure for cancer to sustainable living, science and its application help satisfy human needs and improve living standards. Science is a part of your daily lives from gardening, cooking, to recycling. New technological advances lead to more new scientific discoveries. Here, you will find amazing science trivia questions and answers for both kids and adults. Play our science trivia games and modern science quiz to put your knowledge to test.

12 Interesting Facts About the ISS That Will Surprise You
Did you know? Astronauts have to work out every day! Click here to know more interesting facts about the ISS.
Why Are Koala Fingerprints the Same as Humans?
Can someone frame a Koala for crimes? Play our “koala fingerprints same as humans” quiz to know the answer.
Mars Exploration Program 2021: Uncover More Facts
Find out everything about NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Milestones here.
New Year Brings New Space Mission Plans
Want to know about space mission plans for 2022? Play this inquisitive quiz to find the important details & more with TriviaSharp.
Iguana Eye Facts: The Secret Behind The Third Eye
Why do Iguanas have three eyes? Find out the details with these Iguana eye facts and more about these exotic pets with this quiz.
Giraffe Facts: the Tallest Animal in the World
The giraffe is the tallest living animal. There are engaging other facts about giraffes you shouldn’t miss.
Incredible Nine-Banded Armadillo Facts
Are you ready to play a fun quiz on nine-banded armadillo facts? Get to know why they are hunted and if they cause leprosy now.
Fossil Pigments Reveal the Colour of Dinosaurs
What was the actual color of dinosaurs? What are the recent paleontological findings on colored eggs of dinosaurs?
Surprising Facts About Sea Sponges That You May Not Know
Looking for interesting facts about sponges? Participate in our latest sea sponges quiz to stay up to date.
Why Are Marine Mammals Larger Than Land Mammals?
Did you know why marine mammals are larger than land mammals? Click here to find out.
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