Science Trivia Questions and Answers

From finding a cure for cancer to sustainable living, science and its application help satisfy human needs and improve living standards. Science is a part of your daily lives from gardening, cooking, to recycling. New technological advances lead to more new scientific discoveries. Here, you will find amazing science trivia questions and answers for both kids and adults. Play our science trivia games and modern science quiz to put your knowledge to test.

Do You Know A Cow’s Lifetime Milk Production Capacity?
The chances of getting killed by a cow is higher than a road accident? Get to know a cow’s lifetime milk production capacity now!
Everything You Need to Know About Neil Armstrong in Hollywood Walk of Fame
Apollo XI astronauts were honored with a circular star. Find more facts about Neil Armstrong in the Walk of Fame.
Does Camel Milk Curdle?
Does camel milk curdle may not be something you think about but do know why camel milk does not curdle? Take this trivia now!
What Is a Group of Unicorns Called? Uncover Fun Facts
What do you call a group of unicorns? Whether you find unicorns as a real creature or not, you should learn these facts.
What Does It Mean When You Get Butterflies in Your Stomach?
What causes the butterfly feeling in your stomach? Read our blog and play our quiz to know more about butterflies in the stomach.
Can Cucumber Cure Bad Breath?
If you have used cucumbers as eye masks, you should definitely know about the other ways cucumbers can be used.
What Makes a Porcupine Float in Water?
Porcupines are known as quill pigs. But can porcupines swim with those quills? Read on to find out how porcupines float in water.
Get to Know Why Dark Chocolate Is Good For Your Teeth
Dark chocolates can help to prevent tooth decay! Read on and play our quiz to know how dark chocolate is good for your tooth.
Amazing Facts about Animals That Never Stop Growing
Do you know which animal keeps growing until death? Get to know about the famous roos, an animal that never stops growing.
Discover Why Are Polar Bear Hairs Hollow?
Do you think polar bears are white, right? No. The answer is pretty exciting. Get to know why polar bear hairs are hollow?
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