Science Trivia Questions and Answers

From finding a cure for cancer to sustainable living, science and its application help satisfy human needs and improve living standards. Science is a part of your daily lives from gardening, cooking, to recycling. New technological advances lead to more new scientific discoveries. Here, you will find amazing science trivia questions and answers for both kids and adults. Play our science trivia games and modern science quiz to put your knowledge to test.

How Deep is the Mariana Trench?
How deep is the Mariana Trench? Know why it is called so, its depth, its secrets, and the organisms thriving in the trench.
Meet the World’s Smallest Cat Breed
Celebrate the world's smallest cat for its tiny size and irresistible appeal. Explore more about the cat’s facts and figures.
How Much Does the Human Brain Weigh?
What is the largest part of the human brain? You should know that general knowledge, read on.
Why Strawberries Are Getting Bigger and Mild in Taste?
Have you ever noticed the way strawberries tasted once when you were a child is not the same now? Discover what really happened.
Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear: Major Differences
Polar bears are carnivores, however, grizzly bears are omnivores. Look at the other variance between Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear.
6 Animals That Are Smarter Than You
Did you know that Sperm whale has the largest brain of all? Check out the blog to know more animals that are smarter than humans.
How Good Is Your Spelling? Guess These Medical Terms Correctly
If you want to understand basic medical terms, take our challenging medical terms quizzes now, and share them with your friends.
Science Pairs United by Love and Devoted to Science
A tale of scientist lovers can be the most romantic story you might have ever heard. Witness them yourself by checking out this blog.
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