Science Trivia Questions and Answers

From finding a cure for cancer to sustainable living, science and its application help satisfy human needs and improve living standards. Science is a part of your daily lives from gardening, cooking, to recycling. New technological advances lead to more new scientific discoveries. Here, you will find amazing science trivia questions and answers for both kids and adults. Play our science trivia games and modern science quiz to put your knowledge to test.

Scientist entrepreneurs
Few scientists have become billionaires as a result of their inventions. Let’s look at some fascinating facts about them.
Top 5 Largest Power Plant in the World
Nuclear Power Plants are the main source of electricity in some countries. Check out the top 5 world’s largest nuclear power plants.
15 Quick Facts About Sandfish
Did you know? A sandfish swims in the desert sand like fish swim in the water. Discover 15 quick facts about sandfish.
10 Interesting and Fun Facts About Antares
Did you know? Antares is around 12 million years old. Discover more fun facts about Antares.
Fascinating Facts About Turkey Bird
Did you know? The snood length of male turkeys’ depends on their health. Read on to find out interesting turkey bird facts.
Immortal Animals and Plants
Don’t you think immortal animals and plants can plague the world with their increasing population? Get to know their mysterious lifes
A Brief History of Mason Canning Jars
Did you know? The inventor of mason jars didn’t see any profit. Discover the history of mason canning jars.
What Are the Actual Causes of Lightning in the Sky?
Did you know? Mostly lightning happens within the clouds. Check out the actual cause of lightning in the sky.
Wackiest Facts About the Human Body
Several facts about the body are unknown to most people. Find these wackiest facts on the human body.
Fascinating Fact About  Aardvark
Are you ready to discover some lesser-known facts about aardvarks? Find how strange these nocturnal mammals are, their lifestyle, and
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