10 Famous Phone Brand Logos and Their Unique Detail

Emma | 08 - 15 - 2020
10 Famous Phone Brand Logos and Their Unique Detail


Samsung currently rules the mobile phone market and the logo is well-known to everyone. Samsung company was founded by a Korean Buying – Chull Lee but it had no logo till 1958. Back then, the previous logos was not popular and it resembled telecommunications and television. Now the Samsung phone brand logo has a universe symbol and the company’s name is in a bold letter which is attention-grabbing. Samsung’s market cap was 22%.

LG Mobiles

The LG phone logo and name is very unique! LG logo is very consumer-friendly indeed. The logo is in shape of a smiling face more like a smiley with a welcoming circle but if you look closer the circle is formed by the company’s name LG.


Motorola is one of the best mobile companies. The smartphone logo is in the shape of a friendly circle with the name of the company in plain letters. The letter ‘M’ in Motorola presents two triangles which show strength. The triangles are rounded at the bottom which could be shown as arrows pointing upwards.

1. Is Apple Logo Created with a Bite Out of It, Just Because People Shouldn't Mistake the Apple for a Cherry or Another Fruit?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No


Apple offers the most innovative cell phones. Apple had a market share of 14.7% in the year 2017. Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976 and it had Issac Newton resting under the apple tree. And in 1977 the logo looked like a rainbow apple and got the final look in the year 1998.


Oppo is a well-achieved cell phone company. Even though the company was established in 2001, it has managed to place itself in the 4th place by market share in the world. Mainly Oppo phones are designed for fantastic and clear selfies. This is the popularity of Oppo mobiles.


This is an affiliate of Oppo mobiles established in 2013 and has 48% of the Indian market share. The smartphone logo has a 1+ symbol and the name of the company in capital letters.


Nokia was founded in 1865 by Engineer Fredrik Idestam and it was very popular about 10 years ago. Nokia has a connection people slogan and the arrow-like letters symbolize progress and advances in the Telecom industry.  


Lenovo’s global market share is 3.2%. It was established in the year 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi and his team. Lenovo’s phone logo and the name is very simple and it changed frequently at least for 12 times. The current famous logo just has the name in bold letters.


This is a Chinese smartphone and has a 5.5% market share. Vivo is one of the developed companies the modern smartphone logo has its name in bold letters. Vivo provides the best and stylish mobiles all around.


It is one of the largest mobile companies on the planet and also in other Asian markets. Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer established in the year 2010.  The logo of Xiaomi stands for ‘Mobile Internet’ but the official website mentions that it stands for ‘Mission Impossible’ also.

These are the top 10 phones and their logos. Explore the unique details behind the phone’s logos at Trivia Sharp. Keep on reading because this gets interesting!

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