10 Interesting Facts about Sydney Opera House

Leia Smith | 02 - 25 - 2020
10 Interesting Facts about Sydney Opera House

An epitome of Australia’s architectural excellence, this 2-min read is all about the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House Architecture

  1. On the Sydney, Harbour stands majestically the 11-acre Sydney Opera House, a state-of-the-art venue for performing arts. Commenced in 1959, it took nearly 14 years for the construction to finish. The Sydney Opera House was formally opened on 20 October 1973.
  2. Jorn Utzon, a renowned Danish architect won a competition to design the Opera House in New South Wales, Sydney. The construction was so unique that it soon became Australia’s signature monument. In 2007, the Sydney Opera House was declared as a World Heritage Site for its innovative architecture. 
  3. The shell-shaped structures were initially designed as parabolas but the idea was dropped after practical difficulties. Another interesting fact about the glass in the Opera House was that it was made to order in France.

The Grand Opening

  1. The Sydney Opera House was opened by Queen Elizabeth II at a grand event and was quoted saying “The human spirit must sometimes take wings or sails, and create something that is not just utilitarian or commonplace”. 
  2. While the construction was halfway through, American singer Paul Robenson rendered the song ‘Ol Man River’ to the workers on the site thus becoming the first artist to perform at the Opera House. 
  3. Sydney’s architectural beauty houses the world’s largest mechanical pipe organ. Designed by Ronald Sharp, it is kept at the main Concert Hall of the Opera House. It apparently contains 10,244 pipes, 201 pipe ranks, and 131 speaking stops. The organ was finished 10 years after Sharp took the design contract. 
  4. The locals thought that the Opera House would never be completed as originally the construction was estimated for a duration of 4 years but it took more than 14 years for finishing. 

Things to Do at the Opera House

  1. The Concert Hall is so huge that it can accommodate around 2,679 people at a time and is the largest internal venue in the world to perform arts. 
  2. Nearly 10.9 million people visit the Opera House every year. Apart from being an audience at the Concert Hall, there are other things you can do. You can either get a backstage tour, get a view of the sunset, or have an authentic Australian meal at the eateries there. 
  3. The Opera House is open on all the days of the year except Christmas and Good Friday. There are also separate venues inside the House where you can conduct weddings and other ceremonies.

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