10 Tragic Deaths in Hollywood

Elmira | 10 - 26 - 2021
Tragic Deaths in Hollywood

Who doesn’t love a full-on car chase, a rescue mission underwater, or guns blazing fight scenes, and tragic deaths in Hollywood movies? But do you know the real struggle behind all these splendid scenes that were honored with applause in theaters?  Find about deaths of crew members and stunt people with this Hollywood movies quiz.

Tragic Deaths in Hollywood History

Here is a list of film and television accidents that are devastating.

Brandon Lee

Legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee died on the sets of “The Crow” after being shot by Michael Massee, the film’s antagonist. A dummy bullet of an improperly loaded gun dislodged into his abdomen and hurt his spine. 

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Jon-Erik Hexum.  

Jon-Erik Hexum

The ‘Voyagers’ star died after he accidentally shot himself in the head. Hexum was heading towards a bright career in Hollywood before he ended up on the tragic incidents on the movie sets list.

Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow and two children were crushed to death in the sets of “Twilight Zone: The Movie”. The scene was based on a Vietnamese racist trying to escape with two children but a helicopter used for shooting crashed into the scene killing all three instantly. The pilots were charged with involuntary manslaughter later on. They were left free of charge after a 9-month long trial

Halyna Hutchins

Hutchins worked as the director of photography for the movie “Rust” she and the director of the movie were shot by Alec Baldwin with a prop gun. Hutchins died before she could be given medical assistance while Joel Souza, the director, is currently hospitalized. 

Joi SJ Harris

The stuntwoman died on the sets of ‘Deadpool 2” after she accidentally crashed into a plate glass window while driving a motorcycle into a curb.  

Tragic Incidents on Movies Sets

The tragic history of Hollywood crew members has rendered several of them disabled for life or with a career block. Here is a list of movie and television stars who got into accidents on movie sets.

American Made

A plane crash during the shoot of Tom Cruise starer ‘American Made’ injured a stunt pilot Jimmy Lee Garland. He suffered several broken bones and ruptures but survived while 2 others died.

Now You See Me

Do you remember the epic scene where Isha Fischer frees herself from handcuffs underwater? Apparently, she was about to drown and the crew mistook it to be her exceptional acting skills. She was saved at the last minute.

Kill Bill

Actress Uma Thurman was left with a concussion and crushed knees after a car crash scene.    

The Dark Knight

Superhero movies are not possible without special effects. A special effects technician died after his car crashed into a tree inside the special effects facility during a test run.

Resident Evil

A stuntwoman had her hand amputated after she met with a fatal accident on the sets of Resident Evil. A stuntman died on the same set after a Hummer vehicle crushed him.

Want to know more about tragic deaths in Hollywood? Here is a quiz for you. 

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