11 Interesting QR Code Facts & How to Generate One

Leia Smith | 01 - 27 - 2021
QR code
  1. QR code or the Quick Response code was first created in 1994 by Denso Wave
  2. QR codes needn’t specifically in black and white. They can be in any two color, provided one is dark and the other is light.
  3. There are around 40 different types of QR codes and it is said that they don’t have an expiry date.
  4. QR codes are used in different places like shopping malls, restaurants, business cards, and even on tombstones. In Seattle, you can find QR codes on people’s graves which when scanned gives complete information about the person including his name, and other deets.
  5. A QR code can be read using a QR reader. Today, most of the mobile phones like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, etc come with an inbuilt QR code scanner.
  6. QR codes can be password protected. However, only dynamic QR codes can have a password.
  7. QR codes are omnidirectional. They can be scanned from any direction.
  8. If you’ve ever looked at a QR code carefully, you’d have noticed that there are 3 boxes inside the square grid. They are called the position markers and make the scanners to read quickly and effectively.
  9. A single QR code can store up to 7089 digits without space or 4296 characters with punctuation and special characters.
  10. How are QR codes generated?
    There are two major types of QR codes, static and dynamic. Static QR codes are free to generate from any online software whereas dynamic QR codes may require a paid subscription.
    Choose a QR code generator and enter the type of QR code you want to receive. Enter the content that you want your QR code to carry and then download it.
  11. How do QR codes work?
    An imaging device such as a camera reads the QR code and the image is interpreted using the Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm to get access to the data stored in it.


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