15 American History Facts Not Taught in History Class

Ashley | 12 - 12 - 2021
American History

American history is not the oldest but it is definitely home to some pretty cool facts that are misunderstood by Americans themselves. Find out what they are now.  

Weird American History Facts

Here are five American history facts that will creep you out. 

A Woman Is Still Getting a Civil War Pension!

Irene Triplet is currently 90 years old and she is entitled to a Civil War survivors pension of  $73.13 a month to honor the sacrifices made by her father during the war. 

When Did America Really Get Its Independence from England?
  • A. July 8th
  • B. July 6th
  • C. July 4th
  • D. July 2nd

The American Constitution Is Not Original!

One of the most interesting facts about US History is that the founding fathers didn’t really write the American Constitution by themselves. Its contents were inspired by the Iroquois Confederacy of Native American tribes. The six nations of the Iroquois confederacy are Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora. Find out more Native American history facts here.

Mustangs Are Not Native to the US

The cowboys are incomplete without these beautiful mustangs but do you know that the species were native to America? The imported breed was a cross between Spanish and Iberian horses.

Interesting Facts about US History

These three American history facts will make you run to the nearest library.  

The Land with No Official Language 

Most Americans don’t know that the federal government never declared English nor any other language for that matter the official language of America at any point in the 250-year-old history.

Jamestown Is Not the Oldest City

Jamestown may be the oldest English settlement in America but it is definitely not the oldest city. The first city to be officially established is St. Augustine in Florida.

Lincoln Finalised Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was not always held on the fourth Thursday of November. The day was decided by President Lincoln in 1863. Franklin D Roosevelt moved this to the third Thursday to give an extended holiday season but changed it back 2 years later. 

American History Facts Everyone Should Know

Here are a few historical facts about the United States you were never taught in high school. 

Kick-Ass Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt

She was the first First Lady of the United States to hold a press conference. Plus, she invited only women reporters to the conference.

4th of July Is Not Your Independence Day

American independence was officially declared on the 2nd of July but 4th of July is officially celebrated as Independence Day because John Hancock signed the first document on this day.  

Sacagawea Went Onboard with Her NewBorn

Many of you would have heard about Sacagawea and her contributions to Lewis and Clark’s Discovery Corp expedition in 1805-1806. Do you know that she was never paid for her work on the expedition and went on board with her 2-month-old baby?

Interesting Facts about the USA

The final touch to our facts about the American history quiz are listed below:

  • Most dinosaur fossils are found in the US and they have a versatile variety too.
  • The contents of the constitution and Liberty Bell are spelled incorrectly.
  • George Washington’s tooth was made of donkey, horse, and human teeth and not wood.
  • The Yellowstone National Park has been the prehistoric home of Bisons, the largest mammal in North America.
  • The Frankford Avenue Bridge erected in Philadelphia is older than America.
  • Ken and Barbie are actually siblings. 

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