15 Fascinating Facts about Elvis Presley

Ashley | 08 - 25 - 2020
15 Fascinating Facts about Elvis Presley

At least once in your childhood, you would have heard of Elvis Presley. He was popularly known as “the king of rock and roll” or “the king”. He was a famous American singer and was born in Mississippi. He was known for his energetic and sexually provocative performance style. He was known for his unique style and his fans were seen impersonating him. You might have heard of Elvis Presley’s twin. But actually, did Elvis Presley has a twin brother? This article explains the top 15 Elvis Presley facts.

  1. When was Elvis Born? Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935, and after a solid 35 minutes, his identical twin brother Jesse Garron was born dead due to complications. The next day, his brother Jesse Garron was buried in Priceville Cemetry. Therefore, while growing up he was the only child in his family. 
  2. Elvis Presley’s real name is Elvis Aaron Presley. His father Vernon was sentenced to three years in prison for forging a $4 check but later, he was actually imprisoned only for a year. Later, in 1948, the Presley family moved from Tupelo to Memphis in search of better opportunities where his father worked a series of jobs to take care of his family. 
  3. Elvis attended Humes high school, interestingly he failed his music class and was considered an outsider. In 1953, he became the first member of his family to earn a high school diploma. 
  4. He worked in several jobs before he launched his recording “That’s All Right” in July 1954. Presley’s first RCA single is “Heartbreak Hotel” which released in January 1956 became a million-dollar hit in the United States. It was a song inspired by a local suicide, in which a man jumped out of a hotel window. 
  5. Elvis paid around $102, 500 for Graceland, the Memvis Mansion in which Elvis lived for more than 2 decades. The original owners of the land were Dr. Thomas Moore and his wife Ruth. It was also known as Graceland. He included a room with a music-themed entrance and named it “the jungle room”. It also had indoor waterfalls and a racquetball building. 
  6. Lisa Marie Presley was the only daughter of Elvis Presley.
  7. Japanese prime minister was a fan of Elvis, hence in 2006, he traveled along with George W. Bush to visit Graceland. 
  8. This is one of the most interesting facts about Elvis Presley. Elvis and his mother were very attached to each other as he was her only son. Later, she died of a heart attack in 1958. Elvin once recorded his song and paid $4 to get the song tracked in order to gift his mother. He received more than 100,000 empathetic cards from his fans. 
  9. Elvis Presley fun facts Originally, Elvis had brown hair and he used shoe polish to make his hair look black. Growing up, Elvis had a major problem in making people believe that he was white.
  10. Here is one of the fascinating facts about Elvis Presley. Elvis got his first guitar at the age of 11. He originally wanted to get a rifle but his mother bought him a guitar. He was exceptionally good at singing at the age of 12. In 1947, when Elvis was offered to sing on local radio, he refused because of his shyness. 
  11. When he was 19, he auditioned to join a gospel quartet known as Songfellows. But sadly, he did not get selected. 
  12. Few of his nicknames include “Elvis the Pelvis”, “Little Elvis”, “the atomic-powered singer” etc. He got the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” when he performed without his guitar and attracted the audience with moving hip movements. 
  13. Due to a huge fanbase, he also starred in about 30 movies. 
  14. Elvis had millions of female fans from all over the world but he fell in love with the daughter of a US navy pilot, she was 14 years old and he was 24 years old when they were in love. Elvis always wanted Priscilla to look her best, hence she always wore makeup around him. She once mentioned that Elvis did not like seeing her getting dressed up. She also had to avoid certain foods to maintain her body.  
  15. He was suffering from several health issues including high blood pressure and liver damage. Elvis was found dead in his bathroom at Graceland on August 16, 1977. Reports suggest that he died of a heart attack but many people believe he faked his death. Now the estate is open for the public and around 600,000 fans visit Graceland each year.

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1. Elvis Was Born in 1945.
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