15 Unforgettable Facts About Rafael Nadal

Ashley | 02 - 02 - 2022
Rafael Nadal Facts

Facts About Rafael Nadal

Are you a die-hard tennis fan? Can’t have enough of Rafael Nadal? Head right into our fun quiz to discover fascinating facts about Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay tennis. 

Fun Facts About Rafael Nadal

Let’s begin with his sports career first ladies and gentlemen!

  • The King of Clay lost all four major titles to Novak Djokovic at least once
  • Roger Federer is Nadal’s archnemesis in tennis. They have played 40 matches against each other. Nadal won 24-16 head to head and 14-10 in the finals 
  • Nadal has lost only three times on a clay court since 2001
  • He became the best tennis player of all time following his 21st Grand Slam title win.
  • Nadal is the only player to win all three clay-court Masters in one year, King of Clay for a reason. 

Achievements by Rafael

Find out the most unique Achievements by Rafael Nadal below:

Who Has Beaten Nadal Most?
  • A. Noval Djokovic
  • B. Roger Federer
  • C. Olivier Rochus
  • D. None of the Above
  • Rafael Nadal set a record by winning 13 French open championships
  • He is the only person to win five French Open titles in a row
  • Nadal is the fourth man to win all four major titles multiple times in world history.
  • Rafael Nadal is a lefty only on the court! He is right-handed otherwise
  • Nadal signed autographs for him even after he lost for the first time in his Grand Slam career. 

Fascinating Facts About Rafael Nadal

Are you ready to dwell into Nadal’s personal life that ultimately made him the King of Clay?

  • Toni Nadal, his uncle guided Rafael since he was four years old
  • Nadal has dated only a girl,  Maria Francisca Perello his entire life!
  • Rafael is afraid of darkness, dogs, spiders, and thunder. He sleeps with his lights on and believes dogs have ulterior motives
  • Rafael is a football enthusiast and supports Real Madrid
  • Rafael Nadal has postponed having kids until his official retirement. 


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