1920’s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

Julia | 06 - 15 - 2021
1920’s Fashion

Whenever people think about fashion, the 1920’s fashion trend stands out as one of the revolutionary decades. We all know that in 1920’s fashion, the flapper style is the most popular one, but there are more refined styles that arose in these 10 years and most of them were inspired by the 1920’s fashion trend.  

What Was the Fashion Style in 1920?

  • Drop-waist dresses with a loose, straight fit that fall below the knee.
  • Evening gowns with beading inspired by “flappers.”
  • Shoes with a Mary Jane or T-strap heel.
  • Golf knickers, argyle socks, a blouse, and a tie.
  • Fringe wraps and cocoon fur coats
  • Cloche hats and bobbed haircuts are popular.
  • Evening headbands made of beads or feathers.
  • Faux gemstones, long pearl necklaces, and bright Art Deco colors
  • Pretty cosmetic compacts and cigarette cases were kept in small beaded bags.

Why Was Fashion Important In the 1920s?

  • To be precise, cosmetics and clothing have become a major industry in the 1920’s fashion trend. 
  • A basic cotton frock, thick black cotton stockings, and the low heel Oxfords were worn by the housewife. 
  • Colorful plaids, checks, stripes, or solid colors with pretty embroidery and embellishment like lace or rick rack adorned the dresses. 
  • White collars were common on house dresses. 
  • A woman’s apron was often fashioned by hand. 
  • House dresses and aprons were simple but robust enough for the rigors of household activities in the 1920s (vacuums, washers, and irons were just entering the marketplace). 
  • A cotton housedress was the only attire for the day for the impoverished.

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