21 Hidden Facts About ‘Money Heist’

Ashley | 06 - 01 - 2021
Money Heist

The Spanish series has got the entire globe hooked to it. We have come with an interesting trivia with 21 hidden facts about ‘Money Heist’ for you. Discover the unknown facts about ‘Money Heist’, which are not privy to most die-hard fans. 

Fun Facts about Money Heist

The 21 interesting facts about ‘Monet Heist’ that most fans don’t know are:

  1. Netflix bought this epic series from Antena 3 TV for just 2 dollars!
  2. Antena 3 TV sold the rights to Netflix because the show didn’t garner enough audience.
  3. Since the majority of the characters were written to appear as outcasts, the show was named “Los Desahuciados,” meaning “The Evicted” during conception.
  4. The professor was supposed to narrate the show
  5. Tokyo narrates the show because the writers wanted to showcase a woman’s perspective in a masculine setting. 
  6. All members of the heist were supposedly dying of a terminal illness as per script. But it was later changed to have Berlin alone to suffer from the illness
  7. Denver’s character was supposed to have a “trashy laughter”
  8. Alvaro Morte was auditioned 5 times
  9. When Pina decided to add another female lead, Alba Flores was the first in her mind and Nairobi was written specially to suit her
  10. The names of the characters were inspired by Alex Pina’s T-Shirt that had Tokyo written on it
  11.  Salvador Dali, a famous painter with capitalist views, influenced the Dali mask
  12. The professor’s name is ‘Vatican’
  13. Money Heist scripts are written alongside filming
  14. Bella Ciao is a popular protest song
  15. Many scenes were spin-offs of real crime stories
  16. The underwater vault was shot in a swimming pool
  17. The gold bars made of foam were drilled into the underwater vault to prevent floating
  18. Season 1 & 2 were shot in Madrid, Spain due to budget issues
  19. It is the most-watched non-English series on Netflix
  20. Tokyo is the highest-paid actress on the show
  21. The Royal Mint of Spain portrayed in the show is just a historical building from Madrid that resembles the real one. 

What Does “La Casa De Papel” Translate to?
  • A. Castle of Paper
  • B. Castle of Paper Cash
  • C. House of Paper
  • D. House of Paper Cash
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