25 Fun and Exciting 4th of July Facts and History

Emma | 06 - 29 - 2021
4th of July facts

American Independence Day is popularly known as July 4th or the Fourth of July. The 4th of July is one of the biggest public holidays in the United States. The fourth of July facts and history are more interesting than you think. We know you’re ready to celebrate the National holiday, but before that get to know about interesting facts about the 4th of July. We’ve clubbed the best of fourth of July history facts that you probably never knew. So why wait? Read on and discover more surprising fourth of July facts. Don’t forget to share our “4th of July facts and history” trivia with your family and friends. 

Why Do Americans Celebrate the 4th of July? 

The continental congress voted in favor of independence from Great Britain on July 2,   1776. The Declaration of Independence was officially adopted two days later by ringing the liberty bell at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Americans celebrate this day with parades, games, sports, hotdogs, desserts, fireworks, and bonfires. There are many Fourth of July history facts that you probably don’t know. If you are in the quest to know more about 4th of July facts and history then here you go. 

Fun Facts about Independence Day 

  1. Actually, America didn’t get independence from Britain on July 4th but two days prior i.e on July 2. They declared their independence on July 4th which was adopted as Independence Day.  
  2. The present American National flag was a result of a school project. 
  3. Robert Heft, the designer of the American Flag was 17 years old when he designed the flag.  
  4. Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S President was the main author of the Declaration of Independence.
  5. John Adams wrote a letter to his wife saying how memorable the day will be in history. He also wished that the day should be celebrated with parades, bonfires, and fireworks.
  6. The Pennsylvania evening post was the first newspaper to publish the Declaration of Independence.
  7. Three presidents who signed the declaration of independence died on July 4- John Adams and John Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, and James More died on July 4, 1831. 
  8. Nearly 150 million hotdogs are sold on Independence Day.
  9. Charles Thompson and Jan Hancock were the only two persons to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. 
  10.  Every Independence Day, the liberty bell rings 13 times to honor the 13 original states. The bell hasn’t been rung since 1846 as it became too fragile.  
  11. In 1779, Independence Day was celebrated on July 5th. It’s because the holiday fell on Sunday so it was celebrated a day later. 
  12. The first firework show on the 4th of July took place in Philadelphia in 1777.
  13. The soldiers got a special treat on July 4th, 1978. It is said that George Washington allowed the soldiers to celebrate by giving them a double ration of rum. 
  14.  It took more than 100 years for Independence Day to become a federal holiday. 
  15.  The declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed in Philadelphia. 
  16. The declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men from 13 colonies in which most of them signed the document a month later i.e on August 1776. 
  17. China is the largest supplier of American Flag. Nearly 94% of American flags are from China. 
  18. Massachusetts was the first state to celebrate July 4th as an official state holiday in 1781. 
  19. One World Trade Center, the tallest skyscraper in Newyork was designed to pay tribute to American history’s independence. 
  20.  The Star-Spangled Banner became the National anthem 117 years later after it was written. 
  21. One out of 8 signers of the Declaration of Independence was educated from Harvard. 
  22.  The White House celebrated its first Independence Day in 1801. 
  23. It is said that in 1776 the population of the U.S was 2.5 million but today the population is 32.82 crores. 
  24. Benjamin Franklin wanted Turkey to be the national bird as the bald eagle is a bird of bad moral character.
  25. Americans spend $1 million on fireworks during Independence Day.  


In Which Place Does the Declaration of Independence Signed?
  • A. Philadelphia
  • B. New Jersey
  • C. Massachusetts
  • D. Colorado
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