25 Most Weird Royal Family Traditions the Royal Must Follow.

Eliza | 07 - 03 - 2021
Royal Family

All hail the royal highness! You might think that the life of the royals is all about joy and happiness but what you do not know is that they follow weird royal family traditions. The royal family rules must be followed by all the members of the family irrespective of their rank. Odd British royal family rules are a perfect example of perfection and one must learn from them. The strangest rules in the royal family are not just rules, they are a hundred years old tradition. 

What Are the Royal Family Not Allowed to Do? 

Just because you’re royal doesn’t mean you can live the life you want. The royal family is not allowed to do many things and they follow several weird family traditions. The royal family rules in England consist of tradition, culture, customs, and rules. From holding the teacup to wearing shorts, the royal family rules will make you think your carefree life is better than theirs.      

Strangest Rules in the Royal Family

  1. The first and foremost rule is that when the Queen stands everyone should stand. 
  2. When dining as a family, if the Queen has finished her meal, everyone should stop eating. 
  3. Public display of affection (PDA) must be followed by the members of the royal family, especially while traveling to other countries. Even they should refrain from holding hands. 
  4. According to the Royal Marriage Act of 1772, the royals should get approval from the monarch before a proposal.
  5. The Queen selects the wedding tiara for the royal bride from her wedding day collections. Even the wedding dress must also be approved by her.
  6. The royals must accept every gift with a happy smile. 
  7. Prince Philip should walk behind the queen in public. 
  8. The members of the royal family should follow a strict dress code and they should dress modestly.
  9. While traveling abroad, every member of the royal family should pack a respectable all-black outfit. This is because if there is a sudden death the royal should attend the funeral in that black dress. 
  10. Two heirs to the throne should not fly together by plane. Once Prince George turns 12 he should travel separately from his dad. This rule is to avoid tragic situations. 
  11. The Royals should not be involved in politics. They are not allowed to vote or even show their opinion on political matters. 
  12. The members of the royal family are not allowed to take selfies or sign autographs. 
  13. Formal wear is needed even for dinner. 
  14. The Queen hates the smell of garlic so it is not allowed to be used in any food and also shellfish as it leads to food poisoning and allergic reactions. 
  15. The royals must hold the cup with the thumb and the index finger while the middle finger holds the bottom. They should also sip from the same spot so the lipstick mark will not be all over the cup. 
  16. The members of the royal family should walk into the room in order of rank or precedence.   
  17. If the Queen puts or moves her purse from her left arm to right then she’s signaling to her staff that she’s ready to move. And anyone should not touch the purse under any circumstances.  
  18. The members of the royal family should not speak without permission.  
  19. Bridal bouquets must include myrtle and it’s the centerpiece for the royal wedding. 
  20. The members of the royal family should not be addressed with their pet names.  
  21. Boys in the royal family wear shorts until the age of 8 and after the age of 8, they should not wear shorts. 
  22. The members of the royal family are not allowed to play monopoly. 
  23. While walking down the stairs, the royal women should keep their chin parallel to the ground and their hands must always be at their sides. 
  24. Only the queen is permitted to drive without a license, but other members of the royal family should have a valid license. 
  25. As a sign of respect, the female members of the royal family should do a curtsy or bow to the queen when they see her and it is not necessary to do it every single time when they see the queen. 
  26. The women in the royal family must wear a hat for formal events and they must take off their hats after 6 p.m. They can go bare-headed to evening events or with a tiara to an official one. 


The Royals Should Get Approval from the Monarch before a Proposal
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