25 Surprising Queen Victoria Facts

Ashley | 07 - 04 - 2021
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria gave the monarchy a good reputation after her uncles who had tarnished the title considerably with their actions. She set the rules straight and her high personal morality led her into glory, making her the grandmother of Europe. 

Queen Victoria continued to train her children and grandchildren to become sincere monarchs who respected and valued the country and its inhabitants during her widowhood. She created strong royals who led Britain into expansion and prosperity. Here are 25 little-known facts about Queen Victoria.

Interesting Facts about Queen Victoria

I bet you won’t be privy to these interesting Queen Victoria facts:

How Many Children Did Queen Victoria Have?
  • A. 5 Boys and 6 Girls
  • B. 4 Boys and 5 Girls
  • C. 3 Boys and 4 Girls
  • D. 2 Boys and 3 Girls
  1. A pair of bloomers (underwear) of Queen Victoria auctioned off in 2009 showed that the Queen was less than 5 feet tall and had a waist size of about 50 inches.
  2. She set examples for modern women by proposing to her husband first. 
  3. Both Queen Victoria and her mother were widowed with children.
  4. She was the first person to be affected by hemophilia (the royal disease) caused due to generations of inbreeding. This disease affects the body’s power to coagulate blood after an injury.
  5. She faced 8 murder attacks during her reign while she was inside her carriage.

Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Queen Victoria

  1. Queen Victoria became the queen after the deaths of her father, three uncles, and four elder brothers. 
  2. She was named Alexandrina Victoria after her godfather and was nicknamed ‘Drina. 
  3. She was the first reigning royal to live in Buckingham Palace.
  4. Her mother set up the Kensington System to supervise the queen-to-be through her lesson plans to make her fit for the throne if she had to ascend it early.
  5. The Queen knew English, German, French, Latin, and Italian fluently while she even tried learning Hindi and Urdu phrases to communicate with her servants from India. 

Surprising Queen Victoria Facts

  1. She began the white wedding dress trend and requested guests to avoid white attires on her special day.
  2. She and her husband Albert brought in the Christmas tree trend as well.
  3. She was also the first monarch to ride a train.
  4. Queen Victoria was the second longest-reigning monarch after Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ.
  5. From gardens to mountains, several beautiful sites in the world are named after her. 

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