3 Simple Ways to Keep the Airpods Falling Out of Ears?

Ashley | 02 - 16 - 2021

Imagine you got the window seat in the bus, you are all ready with your favorite song, you wear your AirPods and when you are listening to the song peacefully, your AirPods fall off. Have you ever wondered why do my AirPods keep falling out? You are at the right place. In this article, we have explained 5 easy ways to prevent the AirPods from falling out of ears. 

Apple did not create AirPods that could accept all different sizes instead, it went with a one-size AirPod for all different ears. 

Usually, the outer part of the eardrum differs for everyone so there are higher possibilities the AirPods might fall off your ears. 

When Was the First Airpods Released?
  • A. 2015
  • B. 2016
  • C. 2017
  • D. 2018

 Especially, when you are exercising, sweating, or involving any activity that allows you to move your head, your AirPods might fall off.

Apple products are known for their quality and always come in a way that can be customized according to your need. Similarly, Apple AirPods is considered one of the best-fitting earbuds in the market and is designed to boast a snug fit. Despite these facts, AirPods falling off is a common thing. There might be several reasons why your AirPods slip off. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Why Do My Airpods Keep Falling Out? 

AirPods falling out of ears is one of the major issues. Check out the reasons why your AirPods fall off easily:

  • Wrong Fit

Although the new AirPods pro comes in different sizes for different ear shapes, the standard Apple AirPods are made of plastic and non-replaceable tips. This might be one of the major reasons. 

  • Greasy Ears

Your waxy ears might be one of the reasons why your AirPods fall off easily. Try to clean your ears before wearing your AirPods and it might work. 

  • Getting Physically Hit

Another obvious reason might be getting hit by external forces. Though this reason is unavoidable in some cases, being mindful is the only way to avoid it. 

How to Keep Airpods from Falling Out?

Around 10% of Apple AirPod users experience loose-fitting resulting in their AirPods falling off easily. Everyone has a different ear shape, therefore the one-size Approach might not work. So, how to get AirPods to stay in the ear?

1) Wear Your Airpods Upside Down

You might be hearing this tip for the 100th time now but this works great for many people. If you are always used to wearing the AirPods with the stem pointing down. This might be one of the reasons why it feels loose. While wearing the AirPods, twist them upside down and try it. This is a trick that has been used by the joggers for years! 

2) Wipe the Airpods with a Damp Cloth

This may sound like an old-school trick but trust me it works in most cases. Wipe the AirPods with a damp cloth and allow them to dry thoroughly. This will not only remove the dirt but will also provide more grip.

Note- Make sure the cloth is not too wet as it might damage the AirPods. 

3) Use Waterproof Tape

Cut out the waterproof tape in circular shapes. You might also use a hole punch to make the process simple. Stick them near the top and bottom of the earbuds. Position the tape close to where the AirPod sticks in your ear. Do the same for the other one. 

Make sure to punch a bunch of tapes as you may need to change them from time to time. 

Now try to do activities such as running, jogging, or dancing to make sure they do not move. 

4) AirPod Covers

There are several covers and cases designed to help your AirPods stay in place. These covers might be a little tricky to apply, but once you are done they can stay still for a longer time. You can also find them in different colors. 

5) Ear Hooks Grips

These work by wrapping around your ears keeping your Airpods in place. You can find AirPods covers that feature grips that hang onto your ears allowing the AirPods to stay put. These ear grips are in a way that they do not interfere with the operation of the AirPods. 

AirPods Pro

After many Apple users complained about its fit, they recognized and fixed the problem in their AirPods Pro. The standard AirPods are made of plastic and have non-replaceable tips. The newly introduced AirPods Pro comes with silicone tips. However many users have also reported that even the silicone tips cannot solve the problem. 

These silicone tips are introduced in three different sizes, S, M, and L. You can find the size etched on the inside of the ear tip. How to wear AirPods correctly?

How to Attach the Ear Tips?

In order to attach an ear tip, align and push it with the connector on the AirPod until you hear a click sound.

How to Remove the Ear Tips?

In order to remove an ear tip, pull out the ear tips firmly from where it is attached to the AirPod.

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