Amazing Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind in 30 Secs

Ashley | 11 - 12 - 2021
Movies Facts

Crazy about movies? Get to know these 30 movie facts to clean out your friends on pub trivia night with TriviaSharp this weekend.


Louis Le Prince, a French inventor, made the first motion picture consisting of consecutive action sequences narrating a complete story. The film was named ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ and was released in the U.K in 1888. 

The USA got its first motion picture shortly after the U.K in 1894. The film was released under the name ‘Fred Ott’s Sneeze.’ Both of these films were silent films and ‘The Gulf Between’ became the first color movie to be featured in 1917 in the U.S. The first film with sound was also released in the U.S. by Warner Bros in 1927, titled ‘The Jazz Singer’.

Who Made the First Movie?
  • A. Warner Bros
  • B. Louis Le Prince
  • C. Alice Guy-Blaché
  • D. None of the Above

Movies That Blow Your Mind

Thespis, an ancient Greek person, was the first theater actor. Thespian, a theatrical term, was born from his name. Florence Lawrence was Hollywood’s first actress. She was a Canadian American performer. 

‘In Old California’ from 1910 was the first-ever film to be shot in Hollywood. Norman Lloyd is the world’s oldest actor who is still active in the industry. He is 105 years old at present. 

Do you know that NASA shows the movie ‘Armageddon’ to its newly recruited managers to find errors in it? There are around 168 errors found so far. The cat from ‘Godfather’ was originally a stray that Brando picked off the parking lot. He was not part of the script at all!

Sean Bean from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was terrified of flying, and he would often hike up the snowy mountains dressed as Boromir to reach the peak from their base camp before the crew could reach via helicopter.

It was asbestos in ‘Wizard of OZ’. The snow that calmed Dorothy was a popular Christmas decoration.

Fun Movie Facts

Stephen Hawking gave his copyrighted voice, originally signed thesis, and his companion of honor medal to be used as props in his biography ‘The Theory of Everything’ 

Georgia Henley was genuinely surprised by Mr. Tumnus in ‘Narnia’ during their first encounter in the movie because she was unaware of her dear companion’s costume or him in real life.

Director Shekar Kapur gave movie costumes to real-life stonemasons who were repairing St. Paul’s cathedral while filming the movie ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age.’

Kate Winslet flashed Di Caprio before shooting could commence breaking the ice when she knew she had to be naked in front of him for the couch scene in ‘Titanic’. The makeup crew of ‘Schindler’s List’ sent out advertisements to buy real 30s and 40s clothes for 20,000 cast members. People sold their clothes eagerly to make some money during the Polish crisis. 

Richard Gere snapped Julia Roberts’ finger for real while closing the necklace box, and their reactions were absolutely natural. Thus, the directors of ‘Pretty Woman’ decided to keep it.

According to the book, Harry Potter was supposed to have green eyes, but Daniel Radcliff felt uncomfortable wearing those and that’s why movie Potter has blue eyes instead.

Weird Movie Facts

Arnold Schwarzenegger left the sets of ‘Terminator’ for break to a downtown LA restaurant without realizing he was in costume. 

 The automatic doors from ‘Star Trek’ were actually voiced by the flushing of Russian toilets. The noise of Velociraptors from ‘Jurassic Park’ is the sound of mating tortoises.

‘Psycho’ was the first American film to feature a flushing toilet. 90% of ‘Toy Story 2’ was deleted by a wrong command entered by mistake and there was no backup either. Luckily, Pixar’s technical director who had worked from home had most of the scenes with her.

While rats and clownfish became the most sought pets after ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, clownfish were almost pushed towards extinction. Buzz Lightyear was originally named Lunar Larry or Buzz Aldrin.

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