5 Fascinating Facts about Women’s Equality Day

Ashley | 07 - 16 - 2021
Women's Equality Day

Do you know these facts about Women’s Equality Day? Read and play to discover the Women’s Equality Day history now. 

What Is Women’s Equality Day?

The 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1920 against the law that prohibits a citizen’s right to vote based on gender. The suffragists, members of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), hosted the suffrage movement led by Millicent Garett Fawcett, Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

The suffragists believed in a peaceful protest and campaigned for voting rights for the middle class and property-owning women, unlike suffragettes who believed in violence and militancy.

When Was the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Equality Day Celebrated?
  • A. 2017
  • B. 2018
  • C. 2019
  • D. 2020

How Did Women’s Equality Day Start?

President Richard Nixon officially commemorated Women’s Equality Day in 1971 by issuing an official proclamation. The day is now recognized worldwide under the same name on the same day.

Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Equality Day?

Women’s Equality Day is an official holiday celebrated every year on the 26th of August in the USA. The day recognizes the importance of empowering women to make every society strong and healthy. 

Women Equality Day Facts 

  1. The suffragists were formed to fight for border and independent citizenship rights before they voiced the need for women’s voting rights.
  2. Bella Abzug requested a special day to celebrate the 19th amendment.
  3. Black women were not an important part of the suffrage movement.
  4. Poll taxes were extremely expensive for black people.
  5. Harry Barn, the last senator to accept the ratification to break the tie, was threatened by his mom to do so.  

Women’s Equality Day Celebration Ideas

An empowered woman is strong, intelligent, and kind. Here are a few ways to celebrate equality day:

  • Thank all the women who supported you at your lowest through a call or a card.
  • Raise money for a charity or an organization that works towards uplifting women.
  • Shop at local outlets owned by women
  • Mentor a girl if you can
  • Put up a suggestion box in your community to get the views of women on developing the locality. 

Note: International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th of March should not be confused with the National Women’s Equality Day. 

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