6 Cool Inventions to Make Your Life Easier

Emma | 01 - 29 - 2022
Cool inventions 2022

Inventions to Make Your Life Easier

Science never fails to amaze with cool innovations every year. Science and technology play a major role in global development. On the other hand, cool inventions make your life easier and better. Here are some of the cool inventions of 2022. 

  • Smart jacket 

Smart jackets are useful inventions for kids, women, and men of all ages. It helps to keep you warm in cold environments. Smart jackets are made with built-in heating elements placed at the chest, wrist, and back areas. They come in a variety of designs, and they are fashionable too. 

  • Portable toaster 

A portable toaster is mainly for the people who rush to their office without having their breakfast at the eleventh hour. It is not only time-saving but also easy to clean. All you need to do is move the toaster to like a butter knife, and yeah, your bread toast is ready. 

Which Is the Recent Innovative Replacement for the Computer Mouse?
  • A. Padrone Ring
  • B. Pro Click
  • C. Silent Plus
  • D. None of the Above
  • Hand Warmer power bank

Severe cold limits blood supply, which leads to hand numbness. Handwarmer power banks are small, battery-operated devices that keep your hand warm during the winter season. You can use it for 2 hours in high temperatures and 4 hours at low temperatures.  

  • Padrone ring

The Padrone ring is the smart replacement for the computer mouse. It is similar to the touchpad in the laptop, but it can be used on any surface. It somewhat looks like a fashionable ring, and it connects to any device over Bluetooth. The gesture control technology allows your hands to act as a pointer.  

  • e-bike

Recently people started showing more interest in bikes than cars. E-bikes are in recent trends and are also ruling the automobile industry. Bimoz has introduced the world’s lightest and smartest e-bike. The smart bike comes with a compatible app that allows you to track your track routes, note your GPS location and connect with your friends. 

  • Unagi Model Eleven

Unagi Model Eleven is said to be the smartest scooter in the world. It is a compact electric scooter that comes with swappable portable batteries, two brakes, LED light, horns, puncture-proof tires, a GPS tracking system, and an audio system. 


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