6 Technical Gadgets That Changed the World

Julia | 09 - 01 - 2021
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As you all know, in the current generation nearly everyone has both technical gadgets and digital gadgets, but two decades ago it was so hard to find someone with either a polaroid camera or other iconic gadgets. Here we have enlisted the top 6 revolutionary products that have changed the world. This list of technological devices has really changed western civilization. Discover the top best electronic gadgets here. 

6 Top Best Digital Gadgets

  • Apple iPod/iPhone

Before the invention of the iPod, there were many other MP3 players, but it was Apple’s blockbuster device that convinced many music fans to upgrade from CD players to iPod. With the iPod people were able to hear more than a thousand songs in a single library at any time anywhere with the help of the iTunes store, the world’s biggest music retailer. When people’s need extends beyond music, they started running behind Apple’s iPhone, another blockbuster electronic gadget in that decade. 

  • Philips N1500 VCR

The videocassette recorder or VCR was invented in 1972 by Phillips named Philips N1500. The Phillips release of the N1500 recorded television into square cassettes, unlike the other VCRs. With the features of tuner and timer, Philips device was the first device to let the television junkies record and save their favorite programs for later. Even Though it evolved as the best electronic gadget in the 19th century, it didn’t come cheap. It cost around £440 in the United Kingdom and now it costs $6,500.

What Year Did the First Apple iPhone Launch?
  • A. 2007
  • B. 2008
  • C. 2009
  • D. 2010
  • Nokia 3310 

Nokia’s 3310 was released in 1999. With more than 160 million sold, Nokia 3310 became the bestseller of the Finnish Company. When Bill Gates stepped out of Microsoft, the Nokia 3310 hit the market. Bill gates have an inseparable link with this gadget. Its endless battery can’t be beaten by any smartphone or technical gadgets. And this most reliable phone is back in trend with its relaunch. Yes, Nokia has relaunched its Nokia 3310 in new colorful palettes.  

  • Sony Walkman 

Sony Walkman is recognized as the first music player to combine portability, simplicity, and affordability. Sony walkman has the phenomenon of giving private space in public by creating the isolating effect of headphones. With its AA battery, it allows you to travel far without any power outlets. It actually sold more than 200 million of the devices.

  • Kodak Brownie Camera 

The term Snapchat was introduced by this KOdak Brownie camera. It was marketed towards children, soldiers and it is affordable to everyone as it is easy to use and carry, most importantly available at affordable prices. It cost around $1 when it was introduced in February 1900. Hence it played a vital role in the 19th century as most of the people were able to create memories even people in the Warfield were able to create their own memories. 

  • Motorola Bravo Pager 

Long before cell phones were introduced, beepers or pagers were the only way to stay in touch on the go. In the early decade, pagers were used to send codes to one another. They used terms like 411 for What’s going on and 911 for an emergency. The Motorola Bravo introduced in 1896 became the best-selling pager in the world. In the early 1990, pagers became a status symbol, which paved the way for many communication devices like two-way pager, cell phones, and smartphones.

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