7 The Best Overlooked Albums of 2020

Elmira | 10 - 08 - 2020
7 The Best Overlooked Albums of 2020

None of these albums were recognized as the Best New Music and for some reason, they weren’t reviewed much, but they’re all good records. Numerous music albums are released every year, but not every album attracts people. People have different tastes in music, some people like music, and some may admire lyrics. 

These records are even recognized as underrated albums of 2020. We have rounded up a few best records that deserve to be in the spotlight.

7 Underrated Albums of 2020

1) Ben Seretan: Youth Pastoral

The New York singer-songwriter used his vulnerable, keening voice as the primary poignant vessel. Ben Seretan reckons with his break from evangelical Christianity.

When was Out of My Province Released?
  • A. 5 march 2020
  • B. 6 march 2020
  • C. 3 march 2020
  • D. 2 march 2020

2) Jaime Wyatt- Neon Cross 

Jaime’s latest album, Neon Cross, starts with the slowest of slow burns such as a lush and splendid piano ballad known as “Sweet Mess.” Neon Cross is another triumphant record that talks about how she has overcome challenging situations. 

3) Backxwash: God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out of It 

Canada-based artist Backxwash’s album was released on May 30 this year and recognized as the creepiest rap album in 2020. In this song, Ashanti Mutinta’s voice is menacing. Normal cadence and the contorted form were used in this album This album was about patriarchy and traditional beauty standards. 

4) Clem Snide: Forever Just Beyond 

This album was produced by The Avett Brothers’ Scott Avett and features him throughout the record. This album exhibits a chaotic season of life for singer or songwriter Eef Barzelay and also shows how his money, marriage, and the band all fell apart in years. He sings “There is a vastness that can’t be contained / or described as a thought in the flesh of our brain.” 

 5) Jake Blount: Spider Tales

Spider Tales is Jake’s expressive and intensely spirited record. The album focuses on the deep roots of African American music. “There’s a long history of expressions of pain in the African-American tradition,” Blount expressed in a press statement and further added, “Often those things couldn’t be stated outright. If you said the wrong thing to the wrong person back then you could die from it, but the anger and the desire for justice are still there. They’re just hidden.” 

6) Sault: Untitled (Black Is)

The first line of Sault’s new album record is “The revolution has come (out the lies!) / Still won’t put down the gun.” It has created a powerful, potent protest album that is musically outstanding. The soundtrack cries out that “we’re not going to take it anymore”. 

7) Nadia Reid: Out of My Province 

Nadia Reid, New Zealand singer/songwriter dropped her album Out of My Province which is quite a lovely record and expands her sound exponentially. The sound of horns and organ also exists in the entire album. 

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