8 Awkward Mistakes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ashley | 11 - 14 - 2020
8 Awkward Mistakes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

People loved watching MCU films as they showcase impossible things in a realistic way. But the filmmakers are also humans and tend to make mistakes. Even if the audience would not notice them, we have pointed them out and listed some of the awkward mistakes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  1. Black Panther(2018) was one of the massive hits but it still has a few unnoticeable mistakes. Did you remember, at the start of the film T’Challa gets his silent shoes from his sister Shuri. The shoes are supposed to be silent when he runs, however in a scene when Black Panther runs up a spiral ramp, his shoe prints can be heard clearly.
  2. In the first movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Iron Man, when Jeff Bridges used a device on Robert it made him paralyzed for a short amount of time.  We could also see blood from his ears, however it completely disappeared in the very next scene.
  3. In the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier that was released in 2014, we could see two conflicting years of birth for James Buchanan Barnes. When Steve Rogers visits a museum that is dedicated to his own life, he gets to see some information about his friend James Barnes. At the beginning of the text, his birth date was included to be 1916. However at the end, while listing the dates of his life it was mentioned as 1917 to 1944.
  4. The next mistake is in the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ that was released in 2014. Do you remember the retro style cassette tapes that Peter Quill’s mother left to him before she became bedridden in 1988? But they both are type 2 CD to TDK cassette tapes which were not out till 1993. How is it possible?
  5. When the movie ‘Ant-Man’ was released in 2015, it was stated that when a human being shrinks using pym particles, they become more dense but weigh exactly the same as their normal size. Therefore, when he landed on things like tiles and roofs, he caused damage. But in the same movie, he could walk on a man’s shoulders and run on the barrel of a gun without causing any damage.
  6. If the Shawarma scene was your favorite from the Avenger 2012 movie, we have got something for you. Have you ever wondered when this happened? Thor must be in a different cosmic realm. But illogically Thor was present in the Shawarma scene. Again where is Loki? Avengers have left him unattended?
  7. In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora was denoted as the last of her people. But if you would have noticed in the flashback scenes when Thanos took away Gamora from her planet, he only destroyed half of the population.
  8. Black Widow is one of the famous avengers but do you know in some of the scenes, she uses her hair to fight. During her introduction scene, she fights against four bad guys. In this scene, you can notice her attacking a guy with her hair.

Other than these, there were also several technical movie errors in all the MCU films. The sound effects especially have major mistakes in the MCU movies. But I bet, all these will not stop us from being their fans.

When Was the Movie Guardians of the Galaxy Released?
  • A. 2012
  • B. 2013
  • C. 2014
  • D. 2015
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