8 Best Hostage Movies

Ashley | 06 - 03 - 2021
kidnapping movies

Movies about kidnapping are an all-time favorite for many. The best kidnapping movies are not the ones with the best rescue scene but the most practical kidnap scene.

Here is a list of the 8 best hostage movies for you:

  1. Room –  The movie revolves around the difficulties faced by a mother and her son who are held captive for seven years and how the real world becomes daunting following their freedom. 
  2. Taken – The film franchise has the three best abduction movies to choose from. The story revolves around a CIA agent trying to retrieve his kidnapped family member.
  3. Speed – A fluctuation in the bus speed will cause a bomb to explode. What do the male and female leads do to save the fellow passengers and themselves is the crux of this best hostage movie?
  4. Berlin Syndrome –  The film is an adaptation of a book about Stockholm syndrome. The eerie transformation of the male lead from a normal school teacher to a disturbed man holding a foreigner hostage makes the movie top the list of best kidnapping movies.
  5. Don’t Breathe – A blind father who lost his daughter to a road accident gets an underage hit and run girl pregnant to give him another baby. What happens when 3 teenage kids break into his home and discover the ugly truth? 
  6. Misery – A famous author who survived an accident is nursed back to health by one of his fans. He later realizes that all the care was just the beginning of captivity and abuse.  
  7. Funny Games – Two mentally disturbed men kidnap a family of three and force them to play sadistic games for their own amusement.
  8. Orphan – Is not a horror movie. A 33-year-old woman suffering from dwarfism acts like a 9-year-old and later tries to seduce her adoptive father, leading to further altercations. 

The best hostage movie list is all done and now it’s time for the quiz!

Which Movies Led Americans to Stop Visiting Europe?
  • A. Hostage Tower
  • B. Taken 2
  • C. North Sea Hijack
  • D. Munich
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