A Fancy Trivia on the Big Four Fashion Capitals

Ashley | 06 - 12 - 2021
Big 4 Fashion Weeks

Do you know what are the big four fashion weeks of the 21st century? 

Fashion weeks are organized by prominent fashion producers, non profitable organizations, and any reputed fashion industry personnel. The most awaited fashion weeks are held in the big four fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, New York, and London. 

Fashion Week History

Fashion week was a usual event in the markets of Paris. Cloth merchants often had women parade around wearing their latest creations to advertise for their business.

How Many Fashion Weeks Are There Throughout the World?
  • A. 20
  • B. 30
  • C. 40
  • D. 50

The official fashion week dates back to 1903. The Ehrich brothers hosted the fashion parade in a restaurant during break time to instigate the thirst for trendy clothes among middle-class women. 

How Long Is Fashion Week

A fashion week lasts for one week. Prestigious designers from around the world display their latest collections in front of the media and prospective buyers through runway models. The attires exhibited on these platforms set the season’s haute couture.

Where Is Fashion Week Held?

Fashion weeks are held all around the world at any time of the year to display the in-season collections to eager shoppers. The biggest fashion weeks are held in the big four fashion week cities to exhibit the latest fall collection in February and the spring collection in September. 

Interesting Facts about the Big 4 Fashion Weeks

  • Fashion weeks for men were usually held in January, June, and July. Bridal collections were often introduced before the wedding season but now these separations have merged into the women’s fashion week giving a wholesome experience to fashion enthusiasts
  • The New York fashion week showcases everyday styles, London week goes for a more grunge look that may hit the roads in the future, Milan is for the A-class crowd who are all about brands and glamorous styles, and Paris is the embodiment of love with its creative and ingenious fashion collections 
  • The Arab fashion week is rising rapidly following the footsteps of the big four fashion cities
  • The only way to attend a fashion week is to be invited to one!
  • Models don’t smile because they don’t want the audience to concentrate on them instead of the apparel they are showcasing 

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