Aimee Elizabeth: The World’s Cheapest Millionaire Eats Cat Food!

Ashley | 10 - 31 - 2021
Aimee Elizabeth

Aimee Elizabeth is the world’s cheapest millionaire and here is how she saves and grows her wealth.

Aimee Elizabeth Net Worth 2021

Aimee Elizabeth’s current net worth values at $7.93 million and she refuses to spend more than $1000 a month and has adopted ridiculous ways to save money. Before we get to know about her cheapskate habits let’s find out how she became a millionaire in the first place.

Elizabeth was a homeless teenager at 15 who did odd jobs to earn a living. Later on, she stepped into real estate, earned money and invested the sum in several ways and became a self-made millionaire by her late 30s. She participated in TLC’s famous show “Extreme Cheapskates”, and “Millionaire Matchmaking”.  

Who Is the Cheapest Millionaire?
  • A. Aimee Elizabeth
  • B. Victoria Hunt
  • C. Edward Wedbush
  • D. All of the Above

Aimee Elizabeth Business

Aimee doesn’t own any businesses at present and she aims to stay a millionaire by spending only $1500 per month. She revealed that she had owned a nightclub, fashion show, indoor plants, and pet sitting businesses during her youth. At present, she is a freelance business consultant and the author of the book ‘Poverty Sucks’. 

Cheapest Cheapskate

Let’s see how much she saves by adopting these cheapskate ways into her daily routine:

During the show, she took viewers for a house tour where she showed us a nearly empty house. She also revealed that she got the house from her ex-husband as alimony during their divorce. 

Elizabeth later on went to explain that she owned only one knife which she wiped with a towel after every use to save water. She added that she hates to spend money on unnecessary things and uses a dishwasher scrubber until it has fallen apart beyond use. 

Aimee also switches her breaker and heater off if they are not needed. She explained that she could save around $150 per month by switching it on only 20 minutes before her shower. 

She eats cat food instead of buying canned tuna or chicken to save some money. She also accepted to have served her ex-husband with cat food on multiple occasions when he dropped by to do her gardening and other chores for free to help her save some money. 

Aimee Elizabeth owns a Ford Mustang in 1996 which is 17 years old. She uses it to ride up and down four hours each from LA. She further explained that she hitched a ride on a private plane to save $350 on airfare after her car broke down. The mechanic apparently repossessed the vehicle for safety reasons. 

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