All You Need to Know about the Series Social Distance (2020)

Ashley | 11 - 09 - 2020
All You Need to Know about the Series Social Distance (2020)

COVID-19 has changed the entire world. It especially made a huge impact on humans. Masks and sanitizers are our only weapons against the pandemic. We all are in a tough situation and the worst part is we cannot see our loved ones. Even if you get to meet them, it is necessary to maintain social distancing. This one word ‘social distancing’ has become a go-to phrase in our lives. This is what we are supposed to live-by. During this tough situation, what if we get to watch a series that explains everything about social distancing. You might wonder, how it might be shot. But this anthology series was totally filmed in isolation. If you wonder what to Know About Netflix’s ‘Social Distance(2020)‘, this article can help you.


This is a 8-part anthology series that is available exclusively on Netflix. This show tells us how people are striving to stay connected and be there for each other in spite of social distancing. Netflix’s ‘Social Distance’ has covered all your quarantine feels. It was created by Hilary Waisman Graham and Jenji Kohan(creator of the series ‘Orange is the New Black’). It premiered on Netflix on October 15, 2020.

Which Episode of ‘Social Distance’ Features the Death of George Floyd?
  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 7
  • D. 8


Each episode features a different character that shares their story through a virtual lens. But technology is not easy for everybody. This show also tells us about how technology is connecting us and how hard it is to rely only on technology in order to stay connected.


A month ago, a 2-minutes trailer of the series ‘Social Distance(2020)’ was released. In this trailer, we all could see the current situation each one of us is facing. From explaining to your parents about the Zoom call to getting touch with your loved ones, each situation is explained comically as well as emotionally.


  • First episode of the show features a man who is striving to stay connected with his online support group and his struggles to keep himself sober. The show was titled “Delete All Your Future Events” and was directed by Anya Adams.


  • Second episode of the show features an extended family. In this episode the members of the family plans for an online celebration for their departed family member. It also includes several arguments and interruptions faced during a video call. It was titled “A Celebration of the Human Lifecycle” and was directed by Diego Velasco.


  • The third episode was titled ‘We Could All-together/ Go Out on the Ocean’ and was directed by Phil Abraham. It shows us the struggles of a single mom who cares for a senior while trying to keep in touch with her daughter who is left alone at home using online cameras


  • The fourth episode is titled ‘Zero Feet away’ and was directed by Claire Scanlon. It is for all the couples who live together. This episode explains us about how too much togetherness can have an impact on a bickering couple.


  • The fifth episode shows the struggles of a father who needs to take care of his COVID-19 affected wife and his young son free from the virus. It was titled ‘You Gotta Ding-Dong Fling-Flong the Whole Narrative’ and was directed by Nick Sandow.


  • The sixth episode is titled “Humane Animal trap” which was directed by Jesse Peretz features an old couple that self-quarantines themselves and slowly start to argue about expecting different things from life.


  • The title of the seventh episode is “Everything is v depressing rn” and was directed by Angela Barnes. It shows us all about a 17 year old teenager who tries hard to get over her insecurities and what she does to tell her Esports teammate about her crush on him.


  • The title of the eighth and final episode is “Pomp and Circumstance”. This episode is directed by  Anya Adams and features the death of George Floyd. This episode features the heated arguments between a young man and his boss about racial justice. He then decides to join the Black Lives Matter protest.


Netflix’s ‘Social Distance’ Review– This series is perfect to watch during this quarantine as it helps you to understand what this world is going through.

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