Astonishing Facts about Native American Day

Iris | 09 - 01 - 2021
facts about native American day

What Is Native American’s Day?

Native American Day is the most famous holiday celebrated in several states of the United States. This day is observed on 24th September every year to celebrate the native Americans and their culture, but the Native American day differs from one state to another and it falls on different dates in each state. 

15 Interesting Facts about Native American Day

  • The Native Americans have been living on the American continent since 12,000 B.C. The United States is a single country with a rich variety of people, cultures, traditions, and languages.
  • Native Americans day is also called First People’s Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, Columbus Day, or Indigenous Day.
  • The Native Americans have been spread around the United States and other parts of the world. 
  • Words like chia, chili, chocolate, coyote, guacamole, mesquite, peyote, shack, tamale, tomato, abalone, bayou, cannibal, chinook, manatee, poncho, and potato are the native American words that have entered the English language.
  • The Native Americans were called Indians because when Columbus landed he thought it was India and assumed the natives were Indians. 
  • The first people to live in this land are known as indigenous peoples, which shows that they are the original settlers. 
  • In California and Nevada, Native American Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of September every year. 
  • In South Dakota and Wisconsin, Native American day falls on the second Monday of October.
  • In Washington, Native American Heritage Day is celebrated on Friday immediately after the fourth Thursday in November. 
  • According to the survey, Native Americans have been living in South America for more than 30,000 years.
  • There was no trace of history written on Native Americans. With the help of archeologists, you will be able to learn a little more native American culture facts by digging up the artifacts such as tools and weapons that were used in that period. 
  • Based on the culture, religion, custom, language, and the area they live in, the native Americans are grouped into tribes or nations. 
  • When Columbus first arrived in the United States, there were hundreds of tribes or Native Americans. Most of the tribes are called Cherokee, Apache, and the Navajo. 
  • Native Americans can be found in Alaska, Hawaii, and the mainland of the United States and also throughout North and South America.
  • Tribes like Comanche and Arapaho lived in the middle of the United States and other tribes like the Cherokee and Seminole lived in the southeast of the United States.


________ Is the Term Used to Describe People Who First Lived in America before Europeans Arrived.
  • A. Native Americans
  • B. Indigenous People
  • C. First People
  • D. All the Above
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