Best Outdoor Adventure Apps for every Travel Enthusiast

Leia Smith | 12 - 10 - 2020

Are you a backpacker who loves hiking, rock climbing, and bungee jumping? No matter where you go, if adventure sports is your cup of tea, these 7 best outdoor adventure apps are a must-have on your smartphone. 

1.PeakFinder (iOS/ Android)

Install this app if you are a mountain-person. With this app, you can find the names of all the mountains and peaks in a 360° panoramic view no matter where you are. This is a universal app and works in any country. Get ready for the mountains are only a click away!

2.AllTrails (iOS/ Android)

AllTrails is an all-in-1 app that has everything you need while you go on hiking, mountain climbing, or biking in the hills. From trail maps to GPS tracking facilities, this app covers it all. 

MapMyHike Is Only iPhone Compatible.
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3.Yonder (iOS)

Miss your FB/ Insta buddies while you are on a trek? Install Yonder to get connected to all the adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts out there. Share your adventures or connect with fellow hikers instantly with this amazing social networking app.

4.MapMyHike (iOS/ Android)

More like a fitness guru accompanying you all through your hiking journey, MapMyHike keeps track of the distance covered, the pace of the hiker, and calories burned to inspire you for more outdoor adventures. 

5.Surfline (iOS/ Android)

Being one of the best apps for surfers, it delivers marine weather forecasts. This helps surfers find the right day and time to go surfing. Surfline works with the combined knowledge of advanced weather forecast tools and expert meteorologists.

6.Oh Ranger (iOS/ Android)

Oh Ranger! Park Finder is an amazing app that lets you discover some interesting national and state parks near you. It also highlights the nearby public lands. This app is a great find for summer getaways.

7.Geocaching (iOS/ Android)

A fun outdoor game with a whole lot of adventure, Geocaching is the modern-day treasure hunt. With GPS tracking, you can go find containers hidden with secret messages. There are several geocaching apps for both Android and iOS smartphones. 


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