Break the Fashion Code- a Glossary for 2020

Iris | 01 - 22 - 2020
Fashion Code- a Glossary for 2020

Fashion Code for 2020

While the process of becoming a fashionista begins from learning how to design and sew your own clothes learning these fashion lingos will make you a part of fashion nexus. Learn more about Break the Fashion Code here ..

So here we go…

Arm Party, or Wrist Party: 

Wearing a collection of assorted jewels (Bracelets, wrist bands) on the wrist or wearing multiple rings in the finger. 

Who Was the Founder of the Brand Versace?
  • A. Donatella Versace
  • B. Thomas Burberry
  • C. Gianni Versace
  • D. Giorgio Armani

Avant Garde: 

Clothing designed in an unusual manner neglecting the usual norms and boundaries. It is sophisticated, mysterious and striking.


It is nowhere related to the word basics.  It is the oversized shirts, tees, sweaters that you borrow from your boyfriend or bae.


It is used to describe an unappealing, uninteresting and predictable dress or a person.  You would never use this term very often in the fashion fraternity as this is derogatory


An unconventional and nomadic style. It’s a fashion term that expresses a non-conformist and eccentric style.

Capsule Collection: 

Is a collection of things (apparel, accessories, shoes) designed with one common key element.

Cleat Shoes: 

Is a kind of sports shoe which has a metal or rubber studs attached at the bottom.

Demi Bra: 

Is a half cup bra in which the cups cover only half or 3/4th of the breasts creating lift and cleavage.


Is a hybrid of a dress and a blazer.


In fashion terminology, everything is meant as an ultimate compliment.


It is used to describe something unprecedented and exceptional.


The front row of the audience side where the VIPs are seated on a fashion runway show.

Grunge Fashion: 

It is a music-related fashion. It is sporting a lazy look with ripped jeans and flannel shirts.

Haute Couture: 

Custom-fit clothing which involves High-end design and dressmaking. 


suffixed with things/gained which gained popularity for the time being in the fashion world (“It bra”, “It girl”)

Jouy Print: 

Cotton or linen fabric printed with landscapes and figures in a repeated manner.

Knock Off: 

Replica or copy designs of a particular designer or brand.


The little black dress. It is a very important staple in a woman’s wardrobe.

Look Book: 

A published folio of styles, design ideas, and inspirations.

MBT Shoes: 

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology created for a natural balanced walking posture. 


Knee-length socks with evenly spaced designs.

On Fleek: 

Something on fleek means something is perfect.


Something that is no longer in fashion, or is not trending.


Is the portion of the show that covers the heel. 


Ready to wear created for the commercial market


The act of wearing your jacket over your shoulders like a cape.

Thrift Store: 

Have second items to be sold.


A skin-tight garment that covers the whole body from the neck to the wrists and ankles.


Visible panty line.

Windsor Collar:  

Also known as the full cutaway collar was specifically designed for the Duke of Windsor. The collar points are angled outwards instead of pointing down.

X Line: 

Silhouette of a female or hourglass figure.


The word was coined by the advertising industry in the 1980s to symbolize a particular type of work hard, play hard and well-groomed city person of either sex.

Zoot Suit:

A long loose-fitting suit with exaggerated patterns, padded shoulders with high waist trousers.

I hope you found this A-Z fashion terms informative and interesting. Share your comments below.

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