Can You Fill in the Missing Words of the Song Titles?

Ashley | 09 - 15 - 2020
Can You Fill in the Missing Words of the Song Titles

We all must agree that the 90s were the best times of our lives and it is definitely a part where every one of us wants to live. Even now, the 90s music makes us feel less depressed and happy. It was a generation when there was no internet and our days were filled only with friends and music.

Here we have listed all time favorite memorable 90s songs and you must find missing words in the song title. We bet that the ‘fill in the missing word game’ will definitely remind of all those good times of your childhood days. We have given your favorite songs here, see if you can complete the songs!

1. This Song Will Remind You of the Best Times of Your Life. 'Cause everybody hates a ________ Especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh
  • A. Traveler
  • B. Tourist
  • C. Visitor
  • D. Tripper
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