Can You Guess the Candy bar When It Is Uncovered?

Iris | 09 - 23 - 2020

Are you fond of candies? Everyone has their favorite candy from all around the world. Candies are manufactured in numerous flavors with different ingredients from all around the world. Surprisingly, over the centuries, candy wrappers have attracted children more than candies. Candy wrappers notify customers about dietary supplements and other information. The purpose of wrappers is to improve the shelf life of the candies. It is also used for marketing to attract customers

We all know that sugar is the principal ingredient of candy but before sugar was available, candy was originally made with pure honey. Honey was used for coating fruits and flowers to preserve them. Candies generally create dental cavities among children but it is also used as a medicine among older people which helps them to keep their sugar level constant. Candy is health and disease at the same time.

Here are the most fun-filled candy trivia questions, take the quiz now, and guess what candy it is without its wrapper.

1. Guess This Fruit-Flavoured Sour Candy’s Name
  • A. Mike and Ike
  • B. Gummy Bears
  • C. Jolly Rangers
  • D. Smarties
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