Can You Guess These Best Loved Vintage Toys?

Emma | 12 - 17 - 2020
Best Loved Vintage Toys?

Classic toys or Vintage toys are the best selling and most loved toys for a long period of time. Even now, many like classic toys irrespective of their age. Classic toys are still in the market competing with day to day evolution of toys. These toys remain classic because it was loved by you, your parents and now by your child.

Wake the inner child in you and try to guess these 10 most popular toys of your childhood from the choices given below. These best loved vintage toy quizzes will take you back in time.


1. This was your virtual reality headset when you were a child. Can you guess its name?
  • A. Viewmaster
  • B. Binocular
  • C. Pocket camera
  • D. VR viewer
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