Can You Score 10/10 On This Pixelated Author Quiz?

Elmira | 04 - 19 - 2021
guess these authors

Are you ready to guess these authors by seeing a blurred image and a hint?

Every author has their own style of writing. Some are well versed in prose or essay, some are experts in poetry or drama and some are good at fiction or nonfiction. People have their favorite authors not just because they loved the writing style. It is because they could relate the incident with their real life. Some people read books as they find them interesting, or wish to escape from the world. Whatever the reasons are, it is time to prove that you can identify these famous authors of all time with a pixelated image.

Do you love reading books? Challenge yourself with our pixelated author quiz and see how well you perform. These pixelated author quiz questions help test your knowledge of prominent authors. Scroll down to take our engaging and enjoyable pixelated author quiz now.

This Modernist Writer Created a Fictional Character Molly Bloom Who Is Inspired by His Wife Nora Barnacle. Can You Identify This Irish Writer?
  • A. George Orwell
  • B. Ernest Hemingway
  • C. James Joyce
  • D. George Orwell


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