Car Companies Going All-Electric in the Next Few Years

Elmira | 07 - 13 - 2021

Do you love cars? Electric cars will be common soon. The next few years will be packed with new electric cars because many brands promised to launch a wide range of pure electric vehicles in the future.

When car brands talk about electric vehicles they are focused on EVs, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel-cell cars in the mix. Many car manufacturers promised to offer electric cars built on dedicated EV platforms. We have clubbed which car companies are doing what and how soon.

Find These Car Companies Which Are Going Electric 

Will Mini Switch to a Complete Electric Car Brand?
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Let’s take a closer look at what brands are expected to launch electric cars which may hit the roads in the next few years. 

Jaguar (2025)

The company announced that it will be electric-only from 2025. Jaguar has announced its plans to launch an electric car with EV-only from 2025 onwards. The brand is ensured to offer a lot more electric cars in the future. The company hasn’t disclosed the exact models in electric cars, but many luxury EVs will be available to choose from.

Bentley (2030)

Bentley has confirmed about going all-electric. It will release its first EV in 2025. The complete lineup will be EV or PHEV by 2026. The company will sell electric cars from 2030.

Cadillac (2030)

GM has recently confirmed that it will be EV-only by 2035. But the first car brand to go all-electric will be Cadillac, the company pledged to go all-electric in 2030. The company will introduce its five EVs called the Lyriq in 2023.

Lotus (2030)

The company launched the Emira this summer that will replace its recent sports car lineup. The brand also announced its plan to quit hybrid technology. All cars will be EVs by 2030.

Mini (2030)

According to the report from the German outlet Der Spiegel, BWW will change Mini to a completely electric car brand in 2030. The brand will launch its final combustion cars in 2025.

Volvo (2030)

Volvo has launched only one electric car-the XC40 Recharge and sells under Volvo branding while other cars sell under its Plester division. The company decided to go fully electric and shift to online sales by 2030.

General Motors

GM aka General Motors planned to stop making emission-spewing vehicles by 2035. In spite of that, the brand will increase its electric lineup. By 2025, the brand wants to launch 30 new EVs. 

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