Cursed/Haunted Movie Sets That Were Real

Iris | 03 - 16 - 2023
Cursed/Haunted Movie Sets

Horror and thriller movies are set in a way to bring their audience to the edge of their seats. The plot, actors, and film are set together to tie it all together for the viewer to indulge in the setting. In some cases, the movie crew that works to make a spine-chilling experience for the audience also have their eerie and horrific incidents while and after shooting the films, making it all creepier! Here are some movie sets that were cursed/ haunted for real!

Scary movie sets that were actually cursed


The movie’s plot revolves around a family’s haunted experience with their house built in an area once a cemetery. The actors in the movie also faced tragic ends, including the death of Dominique Dunne, who was strangled and killed by her ex-boyfriend, and Heather O’Rourke, who died after the third sequel of the movie after being diagnosed with an intestinal problem eventually died. 

There were 13 actual human skeletons used instead of props, and the actors were not told about it but acted on screen with them, which makes it all even more horrifying. These incidents make it one of the most terrifying movie sets with a haunted past. 

Which of the Poltergeist actor was killed?
  • A. Dominique Dunne
  • B. Heather O'Rourke
  • C. JoBeth Williams
  • D. Zelda Rubinstein

The Crow

It was during the shoot of this movie, actor Brandon Lee, son of the legendary actor Bruce Lee died in an accident that took place on the sets. The set property ejected a fake bullet and pierced through him, leading to his death. The incident makes it one of the scary movie sets that were actually cursed.

The Exorcist

One of the cult horror films also has some haunted or rather creepy incidents surrounding the shoot and post-shoot of the movie. There was a fire accident in the sets, burning down a lot, but the bedroom where the exorcism takes place remained untouched. The incident brews suspicion that it was one of the real-life haunted movie sets. 

Another shocking incident allegedly occurred after the movie premiere in Rome, where lightning struck a church with the cross falling down the top. The church was apparently located right across the street, where the movie premiered. 

In addition, a real-life murderer was one of the actors. A hospital scene shot with a real doctor also featured a radiologist, who was one in real life, alongside being a murderer. He was convicted after the release of The Exorcist. There were a few deaths and injuries during the shoot, on sets and of those associated with the crew. 

The Omen

During the shoot, an animal handler died in the paws of a tiger after shooting a scene with monkeys. When a special effects coordinator was travelling with his girlfriend, they met with an accident. The girlfriend was beheaded in the accident and faced a tragic ending. Supposedly, the incident took place where a signboard displayed Ommen, which was 66.6 km away!

Two aircraft in one case, where the crew member flew in another was about to fly was struck by lightning. The lucky actor who chose not to fly in the aircraft survived, as the plane crashed, killing everyone on board. 

It is also one of the haunted movie sets where strange things happened.

These are some of the incidents on sets that were reported by members of the crew. Check out our quiz below to test your understanding. 

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