Do You Really Know Your American Watch Brands?

Elmira | 08 - 11 - 2020
Do You Know Which of These Iconic Brands Is Still Made in America

Looking for the most stylish watch for your wrist? Every watch brand follows function, style, and legacy in watchmaking. There are perfection-obsessed watch brands that have started to flourish and draw people’s attention. We have come up with a list of the best American watch brands.

Are you ready to discover the USA made watch brands? Let’s get started!


Location | Lancaster, PA

1. Which Watch Brand Used “7” on Watches to Indicate the 7days of the Week?
  • A. Talley & Twine
  • B. Throne
  • C. Kobold
  • D. Devon

RGM is well-known for manufacturing in-house calibers. The brand was founded in 1992 by American watchmaker Roland G. Murphy. The company was established to fulfill the passion of USA’s rich watch manufacturing heritage. This brand watches offer simple yet sophisticated looks from movements to finish.


Location | Austin, TX

DuFrane wanted to create luxury watches in America like never before. It was found in 2016. The bracelets and cases are crafted completely in-house using advanced machinery and are completed by hand with traditional technologies. DuFrane makes quality timepieces that make them well worth the wait. They have stainless steel bands or opt for three types of leather. They all offer a luxe look.


Location | Los Angeles, CA

Devon is one of the best American watch companies that sell expensive watches. It has a unique personality, uses interwoven time belts which show hours and minutes both horizontally and vertically. These watches have time belts that display hours, minutes, and seconds in such a way that you never dreamed of before.


Location | Detroit, MI

Shinola was founded in 2012, created an empire of  stylish leather, baseball gloves, bicycles and watches. Former president Barack Obama has endorsed the brand.These watches are more American-built than manufactured.


Location | Brooklyn, NY

Throne is a newcomer to the world of watchmaking and a well-known American watch manufacturer. It is called an ode to the vintage pieces of the ’60s or ’70s. Watch faces are restored and paired with handmade leather straps. Then they are sold. The brand was founded in 2014.


Location | Pittsburgh, PA

The Kobold motto is “Embrace Adventure.” It was founded by Mike Kobold and his wife. They used the watch for a test when they climbed Mount Everest to get money for the Navy Seals Fund. Today, it manufactures watches in a US workshop.

Talley & Twine

Location | Portsmouth, VA

Talley & Twine is found to create quality as well as eye-catchy watches at impressive prices. The company uses leather, canvas, and metal bands to make stylish timepieces. Talley & Twine timepieces have Legacy x Lifestyle. Talley & Twine Gold and silver pieces are for those who have an eye for fashion. The “7” on the face of the watch indicates the seven days of the week to encourage you to finish your work.

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