Music Trivia Questions and Answers

People love music as it makes us all feel good and alive. One of the best ways to learn about music is by taking music quiz and by reading music trivia questions and answers. If you are searching for a place that keeps you updated all about music then follow Trivia Sharp for amazing 80s and 90s music trivia quizzes, Christmas songs trivia, music tests, music trivia games, etc. all in one place.

Can You Guess the Song by the Pictures? Take Our Quiz.
Can you guess the song by the pictures? Take our fun picture quiz now and test your knowledge of music.
Can You Guess These Songs with Object Clues? Take Our Music Quiz
Can you guess songs with object clues? Take our interactive trivia to see how well you do.
Fascinating and Important Facts about Beethoven
Beethoven composed the most successful music when he became deaf. Find more interesting facts about Beethoven here.
Musicians And Their Unique Accessories
Can you identify these famous musicians by their accessories? Take the quiz to see if your favorite is on the list.
Interesting Beach Boys Facts That You Should Know
Did you know? Beach Boys’ original name was the Pendletones. Find more fun Beach Boys facts here.
Top 10 90s Female Singers Who Ruled the Music World
Fan of 90s songs? The music world is blessed with many female pop stars. Discover facts about 90s female singers.
Get to Know About Rock and Roll Hall of Fame History
Do you know the criteria for the hall of fame? Read Rock and Roll Hall of Fame history to know more about it.
World’s First Cinema Music Band
World’s First Cinema became famous by releasing their singles ‘Can’t Feel Anything’ and ‘Red Run Cold’ during Covid pandemic.
Can You Get 15/15 in This Musical Instrument Quiz?
All the music lovers out there! Play on to see if you can guess the names of the instruments just by looking at the pictures!
Top 7 Songs of 2020 You All Must Know
Every music lover must discover this list of popular songs 2020. Read on to find out unique facts about these songs!
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