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People love music as it makes us all feel good and alive. One of the best ways to learn about music is by taking music quiz and by reading music trivia questions and answers. If you are searching for a place that keeps you updated all about music then follow Trivia Sharp for amazing 80s and 90s music trivia quizzes, Christmas songs trivia, music tests, music trivia games, etc. all in one place.

What Was the First Christmas Song Ever Written?
Do you know all the famous and oldest Christmas songs? Check out the blog to know more about the Christmas songs.
The History of Christmas Carols: An Overview
If you love singing Christmas carols along with your friends and family, then you must know its history right? Read now!
Seven People Killed by Musical Instruments
It may seem unbelievable that people can be killed by musical instruments. Find how these deaths are caused by instruments.
List of Top 15 Beautiful Christmas Songs
Are you searching for a list of country Christmas songs to play? Read on and discover more popular Christmas songs of all time
The 10 Most Powerful Voices of All Time
Are you a great fan of music? I bet you cannot answer these questions about these greatest singing voices of all time
7 The Best Overlooked Albums of 2020
These 7 albums didn’t receive a lot of appreciation and recognition. Let’s have a look at the best-overlooked albums of 2020.
Can You Fill in the Missing Words of the Song Titles?
Our childhood was nothing without music. Here we have listed 10 song titles with missing letters. Can you guess them right?
15 Fascinating Facts about Elvis Presley
How much do you know about the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley? Take the quiz to find out.
What Happened to Nsync Members Then and Now?
Sold millions of albums, packed arenas with their tours & dominated the music till 2002. What’s their post NSYNC life look like?
How Music Touches the Brain
Music can do wonders and be your personal therapist. Visit this page if you are eager to know how.
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