Traditions and History About St. Nicholas Day 2021

Iris | 12 - 03 - 2021
St. Nicholas Day 2021

The one thing that usually pops into our mind whenever we hear about Christmas is Santa Claus or St.Nicholas. How many of you know about St.Nicholas and his history? St.Nicholas is also known as modern-day Santa Claus, who sold all his possessions to give money to the poor. Being raised as a devoted Christian, St.Nicholas dedicated his whole life to serving the poor and sick people. Before celebrating St.Nicholas Day, discover some little essence on unknown facts about St.Nicholas Day 2021 here. Also, play our St. Nicholas Day 2021 quiz to uncover more amusing details.  

To recognize this third-century Santa Claus, St.Nicholas Day is celebrated every year on December 6. Although some Christians debate on whether they should celebrate St.Nicholas Day or not, there are many people and Catholics who celebrate St.Nicholas Day every year. 

What is St. Nicholas Day?

Saint Nicholas Day is also known as St.Nicholas Day or the Feast of Saint Nicholas. It is a Christian festival celebrated every year on December 6th to honor Saint Nicholas, a saint who was worshiped for his extreme generosity towards children and people. 

When Is St.Nick's Day?
  • A. December 4
  • B. December 5
  • C. December 6
  • D. December 7

What Is the History of Saint Nicholas?

SAINT NICHOLAS DAY is celebrated on December 6th every year on the anniversary of his death. He was born in Patara, Turkey on March 15, 270 AD. Nicholas is the only child of his parents and they both died while serving the needs of the sick and poor people. Being the only child, he inherited all the wealth of his family and started giving the poor their necessities and needs. 

His anonymous gift giving ceremony was started from his hometown Patara, Turkey. He is the first of the saints also known as a philanthropist who designated his wealth to be used for sick and needy peoples. Since then, his anonymous gift-giving ceremony has been followed by many countries. This ceremony also includes Santa’s visits.

People believe that the great Santa Claus was based on the life of St.Nicholas. Even the name Santa Claus came from the Dutch name of Saint Nicholas “Sinterklaas.” Over a long period of time, the image of St.Nicholas has been viewed as Santa Claus in many countries and has become more popular. But the real image of Santa Claus became popular in the early 1920’s whereas the St.Nicholas history goes back to the 1770’s and still there is a confusion between Santa Claus and St. Nicholas.

The history of the feast of Saint Nicholas is popular all over the world, especially in Germany. Every year on the night of December 5, childrens place a boot also known as Nicholas boot in front of the room. It is believed that childrens who behaved well will receive the treats and gifts from St. Nicholas. 

Even Though St. Nicholas Day is not celebrated in many countries; people from Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will celebrate St. Nicholas Day based on German tradition.

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