Facts About Dwayne Johnson Every Fan Should Know!

Ashley | 11 - 19 - 2021
Facts About Dwayne Johnson

These fun facts about Dwayne Johnson are everything you need to know to call yourself his die-hard fan. Are you ready to play?

Facts About Dwayne Johnson’s Career

Dwayne is an American producer, football player, professional wrestler, actor, and businessman. 

Dwayne Johnson Football

What Is Dwayne Johnson Best Known For?
  • A. Football
  • B. Wrestling
  • C. Acting
  • D. All of the Above

Dwayne Johson played football during high school and joined the University of Miami under a full scholarship. He used to play only one game for four years being a backup defensive tackler. He played as a linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders, a Canadian league after graduating in 1995. 

Dwayne Johnson Football Wrestling

Following his football career, Johnson took up professional wrestling. Rock became his ring name. He received his first WWF contract after winning the USWA World Tag Team Championship twice alongside Bart Sawyer.  

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson lost several matches against Owen Hart and others before he rose to stardom. His first WWF championship was awarded to him after he defeated Mankind, Vince McMahon’s associate in the Survivor Series during 1998-2000. He won 10 world championships and was the first African American descendant to do so. 

Rock faced several feuds and betrayal during his career with other champions like Undertaker,  Shane McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc. He played his final match with Hulk Hogan during his second heel. He retired completely in 2004 after his acting career set in.

He returned to WWE for a feud with John Cena in 2011. He hasn’t formally retired from WWE but his appearances in matches have been sporadic since 2013. 

Dwayne Johnson Facts 

Let’s find out some personal facts about the Rock now.

Dwayne Johnson Height

He is 6.2 feet tall and weighs around 262 lbs. He has a 23-inch bicep and a chest size of 50 Inches. He works out for around 3 to 4 hours six days a week. He trains twice a day and his mornings begin with cardio.

Dwayne Johnson Nationality

Dwayne was born as an American Canadian on 2nd May 1972 in Hayward, California. He was married to Dani Gracia from 1997 to 2008. After their divorce, he married Lauren Harrison in 2019. He fathered Simone Alexandra with Gracia while Tiana and Jasmine were born to Lauren.

Dwayne Johnson Ancestry

His mother was Samoan and his father was a Black Nova Scotian with Irish ancestry. His father was part of the first black WWE tag team. While Curtis Bowel, Dwayne’s stunt double is popularly known as his twin, Johnson has only one sister. She was adopted by his parents.

Dwayne Johnson Hobbies

Jonhson likes working out, fishing, watching movies, and listening to music. He owns an athleisure brand named Under Armour Project Rock. He is a fan of rock and roll music and his clothing store is inspired by it.


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