Facts About the Most Famous Kpop Stars You Don’t Remember

Ashley | 10 - 04 - 2021
Most Famous Kpop Stars

The most famous Kpop stars are humans too! Do you remember these facts about them when you began to fall head over heels for their music? Find out these famous Kpop bands entered international fame below. 

The Biggest Kpop Group

The biggest Kpop group in the world is NCT (Neo Culture Technology). They have 23 members at present divided into three divisions namely NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. The NCT army are called NCTzens. 

They were previously a part of SM Rookies, and debuted with the singles titled “Fire Truck “ and “Once Again” on 7th July 2016, with 19 members. Each member goes through 3 years of training before being inducted into the band.

Which K-Pop Is Famous?
  • A. BTS
  • B. Blackpink
  • C. NCT
  • D. Red Velvet

Most Popular Kpop Groups

BTS and BlackPink are undisputedly the most famous Kpop bands. They have the talent, the looks, the cuteness, the silliness, the maturity, and the crowd at their feet.  

BTS- Bangtang Sonyeondan/ Bangtang Boys 

Regardless of their popularity, only RM (Rap Monster) knows to converse in English. He thanks the F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom for teaching him. You better start learning Korean if you have eyes on any other band member. V is the only member who has acted in a movie.

Reading: J-Hopes’ dad is a literature teacher, RM is the nerd of the gang, and V is ambidextrous, meaning he can write with both hands.

Body: Okay, they are all cute and handsome but, J-hope is the only member without an ear piercing, Jimin and Junkook have facial scars. Jin cuts his bangs himself.

Names: Jimin is the only member using his original name as a stage name. Suga was previously known as Gloss and RM was “Runch Randa”. V’s parents call him “Honey Bear” and “Baby Bear” BTS was supposed to be named Young Nation or Big Kidz. 

BTS produce their own songs, meaning they do the writing, composing, editing, etc. all by themselves and like to make songs with reference to literature. 


Blackpink is YG Entertainment’s second famous Kpop group after 2NE1 got disbanded. Unlike BTS, Blackpink is fluent in several languages given their upbringing. Blackpink still lives together and they have their own reality show telecasting their daily life. 

Rose and Lisa both have a crush on the actor, Gong Yoo, from the movie train tom Busan. Jisoo can make up songs on the spot and they are the only girl Kpop band to perform in Coachella so far. 

Blackpink was formed in 2011 and they made their debut in 2016 with the single “Square One”. Their fans call themselves Blink. They aim to redefine the color pink and dominate the music industry with girl power!

Best Kpop Bands

There are other famous Korean pop bands like:

Twice- They have the most disliked videos on YouTube. Their famous song ‘Truth’ was sung by Jihyo in her sleep. They use their basement as a practice room, salon, and wardrobe.

Big Bang- They were supposed to be named Diamond. G Dragon’s ideal girl is a tomboy with short hair. T.O.P is crazy about furniture. Daesung is consumed by Doraemon.

EXO- They debuted as EXO-K (Korean ) and EXO-M (Mandarin). Xiumin wants to have a coffee shop in the future. Luhan means ‘Morning Deer’. Lay has drunk eyes and is not really high on something. 

Stray Kids- Lee Know was eliminated in the 4th episode and added again in the 9th. Chnagbin loves horror movies and dark humor, Woojin was supposed to be added with NCT.

Red Velvet- They were the first girl gang of SM Entertainment. Their song “Dumb Dumb” uses the word ‘Dumb’ over 200 times. They disbanded in 2020 due to the 7-year curse.

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