Famous Brands That Changed Their Names

Ashley | 11 - 29 - 2021
Famous Brands That Changed Their Names

Do you know about these six famous brands that changed their names? Find out why they changed their names and whether they were successful in it with a quiz.

Famous Brands That Changed Their Names Recently

Famous brands often change their names to inform the public about its major mergers and acquisitions, to show where it is headed towards, to help investors understand the nature of the business to bring investment into the business, and as a part of market and brand recognition campaigns. 

Companies That Changed Names

Find out why these businesses had name changes and whether they made their stand in the market with the new name. 

What Brands Have Successfully Rebranded?
  • A. Vegemite
  • B. Hungry Jacks
  • C. British Petroleum
  • D. None of the Above

Facebook to Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg the company’s founder and CEO found that the term meta represents the company’s future goals, development, and it’s franchising. He changed the name in 2021 following the approval of its board of directors. 

Metaverse currently owns Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus VR, and many other famous apps and businesses.

Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin’s

Dunkin Donuts is famous for selling doughnuts in wide varieties. At present, they have expanded their business and are also selling coffee and other beverages to meet current market demand. Thus, they have changed their names to Dunkin to stress their new line of products.

Uber Cab to Uber

Uber in Deutsch means ‘Above All the Rest’ the company changed its name from Uber Cab to Uber because it was expanding from its taxi business into several other successful markets. The company decided to settle with Uber to avoid being recognized as a taxi business by investors and the public.

Business Name Changes That Weren’t Exactly Changes

Sometimes it is hard to change the name and create the same level of impact in the market. Company’s come up with clever ways to make a change without actually making one. Find what these 3 companies did to change without actually changing below.

Google to Alphabet

Unlike Facebook, Google decided to create a parent company named Alphabet. It stands last in the top 5 most valued companies in the world. The company has acquired several successful businesses as a part of its growth initiative. Apart from Google, Alphabet also owns YouTube. 

Alphabet was designed to help investors understand the businesses of the company without getting confused with market slang and other factors.


This was a temporary change to promote a new line of steakburgers. The company achieved a lot of attention for the name change campaign and profits doubled across America. They later went back to IHOP since they majored in selling pancakes more than burgers. 

Aunt Jemima to Pearl Milling Company

It is going to be really hard to adapt to this change. The pancake mix and syrup named itself Aunt Jemima 131 years ago but changed it to Peal Milling Company following the murder of Geoge Floyd and Black Lives Matter protest. The public considered the name to be racist thus the new name. The new name was inspired by the name of the first milling company that made their pancake mix.

The list of renamed brands is over and it’s time for a pop quiz!

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