Fascinating Facts about the Oldest Buildings in the US

Iris | 10 - 27 - 2021
The oldest building in the US

You may think that the United States was covered with iconic skyscrapers to private buildings and homes, but you are wrong. The oldest building in America tells you a different story. Did you know? Each state in the United States has the oldest building or homes. Go through our blog to discover the oldest building in the US states.

The Oldest Building in America

During ancient times, people didn’t have any modern equipment like bulldozers, JCBs, and cranes. All they had was manpower, horses, and a few carts. With the help of these simple tools, the building they constructed has lasted for more than decades. Here we have tabularized the oldest buildings in the US. Scroll down to explore the oldest buildings in North America and South America. 

State  Name of the Building Year Built
Alabama  Joel Eddins House 1810
Alaska Baranov Museum (Kodiak History Museum) 1863
Arizona Fort Misery 1797
Arkansas Jacob Wolf House 1829
California  Mission San Juan Capistrano (Serra Chapel) 1638
Colorado  Cliff Palace Ancestral Puebloan Dwellings 1190s
Connecticut  Henry Whitfield House 1639
Delaware  The Old Stone House 1665
District of Columbia Ryves Holt House 1766
Florida  González–Alvarez House 1723
Georgia  Horton House 1743
Hawaii Ka Hale La’au 1675
Idaho  The Coeur d’ Alene’s Old Mission 1850 – 1853
Illinois Fort de Chartres 1720
Indiana Cannelton Cotton Mill 1849
Iowa Louis Arriandeaux Log House 1827
Kansas Fort Leavenworth 1827
Kentucky  Locust Grove 1792
Louisiana  Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop 1722 – 1732
Maine  The Bray House 1645
Maryland Old Trinity Episcopal Church 1652
Massachusetts The Fairbanks House 1637
Michigan  Fort Mackinac 1780
Minnesota  The Sibley House 1825
Mississippi LaPointe-Krebs House 1757
Missouri  Louis Bolduc House 1788
Montana Fort Connah 1847
Nebraska The Bellevue Log Cabin or “The Log Cabin” 1830-1835
Nevada Old Mormon Fort 1855
New Hampshire  Richard Jackson House 1644
New Jersey  C.A. Nothnagle Log House 1638 – 1640
New Mexico  Acoma Pueblo 1000 A.D
New York  Wyckoff Farmhouse 1652
North Carolina Lane House 1719
North Dakota  Kittson Trading Post 1843
Ohio  The Old Stone Fort 1679 -1689 
Oklahoma Fort Gibson 1824
Oregan  Molalla Log House 1799
Pennsylvania  Lower Swedish Cabin 1640 -1650
Rhode Island Governor Peleg Sanford House 1640
South Carolina  Middleburg Plantation 1699
South Dakota  Fort Sisseton 1846
Tennessee Carter Mansion 1770-1775
Texas The Alamo Mission 1744
Utah  Garr Ranch House 1848
Vermont  Mooar-Wright House 1750
Virginia  Jamestown Church 1639
Washington  Fort Nisqually 1843
West Virginia  The Hermitage 1734
Wisconsin  Brisbois House 1815
Wyoming  Old Bedlam (Fort Laramie) 1849


In What State Would You Find the Oldest Building in the U.S?
  • A. Maine
  • B. Vermont
  • C. Portland
  • D. Bar Harbor
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