FOUR Dramatic Weight Loss Stories in Hollywood

Ashley | 11 - 28 - 2021
Dramatic Weight Loss

We have compiled the four dramatic weight losses Hollywood celebrities have undergone just for you. The last one will surprise you the most. 

Celebrity Transformation

Are you ready to be inspired by these epic celebrity weight-loss regimes, facts, and goals? 

Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations 

First on our list of fat celebrities who lost weight is Rebel Wilson. She was not always obese  per se. Emotional eating from POS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The A Capella Star decided to control her weight and life in 2020, making it her ‘Year of Health’. She indulged in a strict Mayr Method diet. The diet meant abstaining from any form of sugar, gluten, and caffeine.  

How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?
  • A. Mediterranean Diet
  • B. Paleo Diet
  • C. Keto Diet
  • D. Mayr Method Diet

Apart from that torturous duet, the 41-year-old Australian hit the gym six days a week and nailed popular workouts like HIIT, cardio, and strength training. She lost around 60 to 70 pounds in a year! 

Extreme Weight Loss Transformations by Celebrities

Adele tops the list. Though it was quick, the singer took around two entire years to lose weight just because she could set a good example for her son. Adele has been pretty secretive and private about her personal life, but she did give the audience a heads up in her Saturday Night Live show. She went down 100lbs, the weight she gained due to anxiety and depression. 

The British singer was guided by a personal trainer who suggested a sirtfood diet. The diet consisted of consuming food that would increase metabolism. She coupled this with intense workouts too. 

Fat Celebrities Who Lost Weight

It’s not only sin city’s women who are concerned about being overweight. America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell lost around 20 pounds in 2019 and successfully transformed into a healthier adult regardless of the lockdown! 

Cowell decided to lose some weight by cutting out wheat, sugar, meat, dairy, and turned vegan! Cowell experienced low blood sugar in 2017 and experienced a major health fall. This motivated him to get healthier for himself and his loved ones.

Wildest Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Ethan Suplee tops the list of epic weight loss transformations through the years. Suplee was this cuddly mountain of fat in 2020. Suplee converted most of his fat into muscle by cutting 20% calorie intake, unlike us folks who gained weight in the lockdown. The secret to his weight loss is a protein-rich diet and beast-like workout for 6 days in a week apart from the longhouse spent cycling around town. 

Celebrity Weight-Loss Transformations: Before and After

While celebrities gain and lose weight all the time, be it for a particular role like Joaquin Phoenix or for health reasons like the stars mentioned above, there is one stellar tip that outshines theirs before and after looks. 

The key to these insane weight loss transformations is a perfect combination of diet and workout tailor-made for health goals!


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