Geographical Terms Beginning With C

Iris | 12 - 10 - 2021
Geography terms

Here you find some of the geographical terms beginning with C

Basic Geographical Terms Beginning with C

  1.  Canal – Canal is a waterway made by man artificially for irrigation and easier transportation. 
  2. Canyon – Canyon is a valley that can be recognized with its deep and steep sides. You can find them in the Grand Canyon.
  3. Cape – Cape is a section of land that juts out into the water. Example – Cape Cod.
  4. Cave – As you know, a cave is a large open area in the ground or on the side of a mountain.
  5. Channel – Channel is a narrow stretch of water between two larger bodies of water.
  6. Cliff – Cliff is a steep rock face often found by the ocean. 
  7. Cove –  Cove is a small bay shaped like a horseshoe. It can be found on Coron Island in the Philippines.
  8. Continent – The continent is a large mass of land.
  9. Chine – Chine is a steep-sided gorge. A river flows through the sea and is generally admired in England. 
  10. Cuesta – Cuesta is a term used to describe a hill or a ridge with a gentle slope on one side of it and a much steeper slope on the other side.
  11. Crater – When something impacts the ground with greater force, that creates depression, known as a crater. The most common cause of craters is due to meteor strikes.
  12. Conurbation – Conurbation is a term coined back in 1915. It is the process of two urban areas merging that end up running together.
  13. Continental Shelf – The area of the land around a continent is known as the continental shelf. This is the region where your land sits and or where the continent very much ends.
  14. Col – Col is the lowest point or a gap between two mountains.
  15. Cinder Cone – Cinder cone is a cone-shaped hill found at the top of the volcanic vent surrounded by high and sheer cliff faces.
  16. Coastline – When the land comes in contact with the sea is known as Coastline. Even smaller bodies of water like lakes also have a coastline.
  17. Chaparral – Chaparral is a term that i used to describe a kind of shrubland based on the Mediterranean climate. You can find this kind of land throughout California.
  18. Cenote – Cenote is a pit or a sinkhole that naturally forms and exposes the groundwater underneath.

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