Get to Know the 10 Incredible Facts About the Tower of Pisa

Emma | 10 - 09 - 2023
Facts About the Tower of Pisa

The world has many incredible monuments, but only a few have been recognized as the wonders of the world. The first record of “7 wonders of the world’ was first given by Antipater of Sidon, the Greek poet of the second century B.C. He created a list of the seven most impressive constructions based on popularity among the sightseers. He chose ‘7’ because Greeks consider it a lucky number. Current new wonders of the world were chosen by an online contest that was voted on by millions of people. Each wonder of the world consists of interesting facts, and that’s why they are on the list of wonders. Here let’s know about the incredible facts about Italy’s most iconic sight, the Tower of Pisa.  

Leaning Tower of Pisa Facts

  1. It took two centuries to complete the building. The construction work started in 1773, and the work stopped twice, the first time for 100 years and the second time in 1284. 
  2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was not built in this unique way; it was an accident! The Tower of Pisa began to lean in the late 1770s because of inadequate foundation. 
  3. The tower of Pisa is not only a leaning tower in Pisa. Due to the soft subsoil, there are many other leaning towers in Pisa. 
  4. Engineers predict the tower to remain stable for the next 200 hundred years. After that, it might slowly resume its tilt. 
  5. The tower has leaned in multiple directions. Over hundreds of years, many engineers tried to tilt the tower upwards but failed due to the center of gravity. 
  6. Mussolini considered the tower a national disgrace and embarrassment to Italy. Mussolini’s engineers drilled the tower and poured 200 tonnes of concrete, which added a tenth of a degree to the tilt and made it worse. 
  7. There are approximately 294 steps on the north and 296 steps on the south side of the tower. Yes, you can reach the top of the tower and enjoy the fascinating view.
  8. When America invaded Italy, the soldiers asked to destroy all the tall buildings to protect them from enemy snipers. But, the Americans were impressed by the beauty of the tower, so they decided not to destroy it. 
  9. There are seven huge bells on the top of the tower. The bells were built by Tommaso di Andrea Pisano. Each bell nearly weighs 8,000 pounds and denotes musical major scale. 
  10.  The main intention of building the Tower of Pisa is to show off all the city treasures.   

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