Get to Know the Cheapest Countries to Visit Around the World

Eliza | 08 - 13 - 2021

Anything that gives you joy and makes you enjoy life is worth spending your money on. Money is the only thing that stops many people from traveling. But remember you do not need to be rich to travel. There are plenty of ways to travel if you have a tight budget. If you’re much worried about your bank balance, look no further! We have listed the top 7 cheapest countries to visit. All the below mentioned countries are not only cheap holiday destinations but also incredibly beautiful. 

Cheap International Vacations

1. Mexico 

Mexico is a vibrant country and it has many things to offer for every tourist. It has many tourist places like Catedral Metropolitana, Cancun, Cabo, or Tulum. Mexico has gorgeous beaches, delicious foods, and lots of festivals. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 20.01 Mexican pesos. 

What Is the Cheapest Country in the World to Visit?
  • A. Vietnam
  • B. Switzerland
  • C. Dubai
  • D. New York

2. Vietnam 

Vietnam is one of the inexpensive places to travel in the world. Vietnam has a broad variety of sightseeing places and activities. There are many markets in Vietnam, all you need is to have good bargaining skills to get products at affordable prices. The best cheap holiday destinations here are Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh city, and Hue. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 23,002.8 VND. 

3. Indonesia 

Indonesia is the most affordable country to visit in Southeast Asia. It is incredibly diverse and consists of thousands of islands. Bali is one of the must-see destinations in Indonesia and you can also visit other islands like Lombak, Sumbawa, and Java. There are also other beautiful places in Indonesia and you can find delicious foods here. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 14,568.75 Indonesian Rupiah. 

4. South Africa 

South Africa is one of the best and most affordable countries to visit. South Africa is known for its beaches, savannas, and mountains. It also offers 3000+ unique adventures, vibrant nightlife, rich heritage, and warm hospitality. Must-see and cheapest vacation spots in South Africa are Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and the Garden route. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 14.50 South African Rand. 

5. Peru 

Peru is the cheapest country to visit if your travel budget is low. The best time to visit Peru is during the Spring and fall months. Peru is not only a cheap holiday destination but also the cheapest country to live and work in. You can explore the real Amazon and indulge in activities like hiking, trekking on the famous Inca Trail. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 3.94984 PEN. 

6. The Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic attracts its tourists with its luxury resorts, perfect beaches, and diverse geography. It is said that the country has the highest crime rates of any nation in the Caribbean. This is one of the reasons why the Dominican Republic is inexpensive. Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, and Puerto Plata are the cheapest vacation spots in the Dominican Republic. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 56.93 Dominican Pesos.

7. Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest international vacations in Europe. Compared to other Western and Central European countries, accommodation costs are much lesser. Bulgaria offers tourists great nightlife and entertainment. This place also has beautiful sandy beaches, clear seas, and a clean coastline. The must-see places in Bulgaria are Krushuna Waterfalls, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sunny Beach, and Buzludzha Monument. 

1 United States Dollar is equal to 1.66 Bulgarian Lev. 

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