Global Crisis on Computer Chip Shortage!

Julia | 09 - 26 - 2021
micro chip shortage

And yes, the world has started to see the advantages of embedded chips and technology, but what is the use of new data storage technology, and how do computer chips work based on this technology? Discover everything you need to know about the chips and technology through our blog. Don’t forget to play our chips and technology quiz to uncover more amazing facts about computer chip technology.

What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is also known as a chip, a computer chip, and integrated circuits or IC. A chip is a set of electronic circuits that are built on small surfaces using silicon. Microchips are now used virtually in all electronic devices and equipment. From computers and mobile phones to other digital and electronic home appliances, you can see integrated circuits everywhere in this revolutionary world. 

Based on the purpose, microchips can be classified into two types: 

How Long Is the Chip Shortage Going to Last?
  • A. 2030
  • B. 2040
  • C. 2050
  • D. None of the Above
  • Logic Chips 
  • Memory Chips 

Why Is the World Facing a Computer Chip Shortage?

We all know that computer chips are the main part of every computer. Without the help of computer chips, the computers would be the size of a whole room. With the invention of the computer chips, everybody in the United States is now able to have a computer. Even now you might be reading this article through the computer only, but how do computer chips work exactly, and why is there a computer chip shortage in recent years? Continue reading our blog to understand a little more about why computer chips are scarce and what it has to do with the new data-storage technology. 

Based on the modern world, IC’s are now manufactured in small sizes and at low cost. You can see these types of IC’s in microcontrollers and modern computer processors. Rather than this, microchips used in computers are used to perform logical operations and can act as memory storage. Microchips can also perform operations like bit slicing, analog to digital conversion, and also gateways. 

The Work from home era or the lockdown caused by the coronavirus has pushed most of the chipmakers to a dead end. The lockdown has spurred the growth in sales of laptops, mobile phones, and computers to the highest levels in a decade. Not to mention the sales on home appliances like TVs, air purifiers and air conditioners were also on peak and all of which now come with customized chips. 

The uncertainties caused by the coronavirus have to lead the microchip manufacturers to swing in orders. Some businesses seemed to wipe out as the chip shortages have caused millions of dollars of losses to many manufacturers and companies. 

Advanced logic chips, the new data storage technology has grabbed the attention of headlines as their complex pieces of silicon provides computers and smartphones their needs. Companies like Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia chip the designers of this new data storage technology or semiconductors, and these semiconductors are made in factories called foundries. 


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