Golden Gate Bridge Facts You Might Not Remember

Ashley | 07 - 12 - 2021
Golden Gate Bridge

I bet you must have heard these Golden Gate Bridge facts at some point in your history class. Play this golden gate bridge trivia to know whether you remember them all:

Facts about the Golden Gate Bridge

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  • Do You Know Why Was the Golden Gate Bridge Built Despite the Great Depression?

Construction of the bridge lasted from 5th January 1933 to 19th April 1937. The bridge was estimated to cost around $100 million but architect Joseph Strauss and his team spent only $37 million on the world’s tallest and longest suspension bridge of 1937. 

When Was the Golden Gate Bridge Built?
  • A. 5th January 1933
  • B. 5th January 1944
  • C. 5th January 1955
  • D. 5th January 1966

The bridge was funded by bonds that were collateral using the property documents of residence to boost the economy of San Francisco. Amadeo Giannini founder of Bank of America bought all the bonds in 1932 on behalf of his bank to help.

  • Why Did the Golden Gate Bridge Collapse?

A cargo vessel collided with the bridge when it was under construction in 1933 causing huge damages and 10 deaths. The bridge also faced minor damages in the 1989 earthquake but didn’t collapse.

  • Why Is It Called the Golden Gate Bridge?

The bridge was built on the golden gate strait that connects the San Francisco bay with the Pacific ocean. This bridge connects San Francisco with Marin County. 

  • Features of the Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge was built on a 370m deep strait at an elevation of 240m. The golden gate bridge is 227m tall and 1.7 miles long. The military initially refused to approve because enemies could bomb the bridge creating huge traffic of vessels on the strait.

  • Other Fun Facts 

  • The military wanted the bridge to be colored in stripes of yellow and black or red and white. The current color is actually a primer. 
  • This is the topmost suicide spot in the world. H.B. Wobber was the first person to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.
  • The iconic curve of the bridge flattened after 300,000 people celebrated San Francisco Day on it.

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