How Many Jeans Should You Own? Maybe 5?

Ashley | 06 - 13 - 2021

Levi Strauss of Levi’s jeans and his partner Jacob W. Davis, a renowned tailor, invented the ‘blue jeans’ in 1871. 

The durable and fire-resistant denim fabric was invented to aid miners and laborers during work in rough conditions and they owned an average of two jeans per person but do you know how many jeans you should own?

How Many Pairs of Jeans Do You Need?

3 Pairs of jeans are all you need! Denim experts suggest that 2 pairs of dressy jeans for work and 1 pair of casual jeans is more than enough given any situation. 

Jeans Were Originally Called as ______
  • A. Waist Pants
  • B. Waist Overalls
  • C. Denim Overalls
  • D. All of the Above

Blue and back being the quintessential options, experts recommend owning one pair of black jeans as most people can’t tell the difference between dressy and casual black jeans.

How Long Should Jeans Last?

Jeans were designed for financially poor miners and laborers. Therefore, they were made in such a way to last about 5-10 years with minimal care. 

Durability tests have shown that washing a jean every 6 weeks after continuous usage and freezing them overnight to remove the body odor in between washes can prevent early wear and tear.

How Many Pairs of Jeans Does the Average American Own?

Fashion United’s survey showed that an average American man owned a minimum of 6 pairs of jeans that were quite similar to each other. The survey also revealed that out of the 6 pairs, an average of 4 pairs was used repeatedly for everyday use while the others stayed in the wardrobe long enough to the extent of being forgotten.  

How Many Pairs of Jeans Does an Average American Woman Own?

MagForWoman (U.S.) found that an average American woman wears a minimum of 7 pairs of jeans exclusive of denim shorts, denim skirts, and denim 3/4th. The survey showed that each American purchased an average of 2 pairs of jeans every year.  

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