Interesting Black History Month Facts You Should Know

Eliza | 02 - 08 - 2022
black history Month facts

The Story Behind Black History Month

Black History Month is the annual event that honors and celebrates the achievements of African Americans in the United States. Many black leaders contributed a lot to shaping the U.S, and Black History Month Facts is the best way to learn about the leader’s histories, racism, and slavery. 

The day was founded by Carter G. Woodsen, popularly known as the “Father of Black History”, in February 1926. Carter wanted to bring attention to African culture and history, so he created a week called “Negro History Week” and decided to celebrate it on the second week of February. Woodsen chose the second week of February because it was the birth month of two legends – Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas. Initially, Negro History Week was celebrated in schools by hosting performances and lectures associated with black leaders. The Negro History Week later became Black History Month. Here we clubbed some interesting facts about Black History Month.  

  1. Black History Month was officially established in February 1976 by President Gerald Ford. 
  2. Every year ASAALH ( Association for the Study of African American Literature and History) decides the theme for every Black History Month. This year, February 2022, Black History Month’s theme is Black Health and Wellness. 
  3. ASAALH is the oldest historical society established to promote African American history. It serves not only the general population but also academicians.  
  4. Though President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month, Congress passed “National Black History Month” into law. This paved the way for many countries to celebrate. 
  5. Several countries celebrate Black History Month but in different months. The United States, Germany, and Canada celebrate it in February. The United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Ireland celebrate it in October. 

5 ways to celebrate Black History

  • Visit a black museum and learn about their contributions and achievements. 
  • Participate in Black Month events and celebrations.
  • You can also organize a workshop or bring motivational speakers to your office. 
  • Support black-owned businesses. 
  • Watch documentaries or movies about black history. 

Who Founded Black History Month?
  • A. Carter G. Woodson
  • B. President Gerald Ford
  • C. Martin Luther King
  • D. Barbara Johns
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