Interesting Facts about Grandparents’ Day That You Haven’t Heard Before

Iris | 08 - 26 - 2021
facts about Grandparents' Day

Who does not love their grandparents? Like father’s day and mother’s day there is also Grandparents’ Day which is celebrated by people from all over the world. Here we have enlisted some Grandparent’s Day trivia. Go through our Grandparent’s Day facts to know more about great Grandparents’ Day. 

Interesting Facts about Grandparents’ Day

  • Although Grandparents’ Day is not classified as a federal holiday, it is celebrated as a national holiday which is observed each year on the first Sunday after labor day. 
  • It was Russel Capper, who proposed the idea of celebrating Grandparents’ Day in the year 1969. He sent a letter to President Nixon suggesting a special day to be set as a Grandparents’ Day. 
  • There are many ways to celebrate Grandparents’ Day like sharing/preparing meals, activities like playing cards and games, going for a walk, visiting over a cup of tea or coffee, and so on.
  • If you don’t have grandparents you are insisted on visiting the nursing home. As per government guidelines, you can also adopt a grandparent and you can visit and get to know them. 
  • Grandparents’ Day is not only observed in the United States, but also in other countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Sudan, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.
  • Grandparents’ Day differs in each country and countries like Poland have separate grandfather and grandmother days. 
  • The United States has an official song for Grandparents’ Day called “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill. 
  • There is also an official flower for Grandparents’ Day. THe forget me not flower has been recognized as the official flower for this day as it represents true love. This flower has been chosen to remind us about how important they are to us and also that we shouldn’t forget our grandparents. 
  • The main motto of Grandparents’ Day is to honor grandparents and to let them feel loved by their children’s children and also to help children to become aware of their strengths. 
  • It has been estimated that around 7.1 million grandparents have their grandchildren living with them and around 2.7 million grandparents are primary caregivers for their grandchildren. 
  • The famous celebrities who were raised by their grandparents are Oprah Winfrey, President Barack Obama, Jack Nicholson, Willie Nelson, Bobby Darin, Eric Clapton, Carol Brunett, and Maya Angelou. 

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When Is Grandparents’ Day Celebrated in the United States?
  • A. 11th September
  • B. 12th September
  • C. 13th October
  • D. 14th October
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