Interesting Facts about National Guard Birthday

Iris | 12 - 04 - 2021
Facts About the National Guard

The US National Guard Birthday commemorates December 13. The National Guard is composed of soldiers who also hold down a full-time and civilian job and some soldiers attend school. When compared to military and other forces, the National Guard does not get the recognition they deserve. But the history of National Guard Day is long and they are well-distinguished here in our blog. Go through our importance of National Guard Day facts to know more about it.

Why Is the National Guard So Important?

The National Guard is a special branch in the United States military that answers to both state and federal responsibilities. The National Guard responds routinely to domestic emergencies like natural disasters and other overseas military operational services. The National Guard has always been the pillar of support for the other branches of the armed forces. 

What Does National Guard Mean in History?

Did you know? The National Guard is older than the Army and they have a huge history before the Army. Militias were used in early 1636 to protect British colonies. Until the beginning of the Revolutionary War,  the U.S. Army wasn’t formed.

What Was the Original Purpose of the National Guard?
  • A. Fighting Force
  • B. Provides Security
  • C. Domestic Emergency
  • D. All the Above

Lesser-Known National Guard History Facts

  • The birthday of the U.S National Guard is December 13, 1636, that is when the Massachusetts Bay Colony created the first militia regiments.
  • The term “National Guard” was popularized by Marquis de Lafayette. The term was used to describe each state’s militia. It didn’t become an official term until 1916.
  • The Origin of the National Guard dates back to militias established by the American colonies.
  • Most of the time the National Guards were commanded and activated by the governors of the respective state and territories. 
  • The National Guard can also be federalized but they have to be kept under safe control with the federal government by paying for the deployment. 
  • Sometimes even presidents also federalize the National Guard without the consent of the governor.
  • America’s National Guards fulfills a different range of duties like disaster relief, law enforcement, military support, and also some state and federal responsibilities. 
  • There are currently about 4,50,000 National Guards in service among 54 organizations across fifty states like Washington D.C and three other U.S. territories – Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
  • The National Guard organization is somewhat complicated because it comes under two categories – the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, but they are totally different from Army and Air Force Services. 
  • So far only two presidents have served in the National Guard in its modern structure. They are Harry S. Truman and George W. Bush.


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